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Who Would You Pay Big Bucks to See in Concert?

Are there 1 or 2 artists you would see live, no matter what you had to pay for a ticket?

In an earlier post I said that I am finished paying for high priced concert tickets. Especially when there are so many great DVDs of live shows that are available. I do enjoy sitting at home seeing a great concert from the comfort of my couch. With phenomenal speakers and a huge television screen it is much better than being in the back of a crowded and noisy venue. And let’s face it, these live recordings only capture the best performances from each artist. Live music recordings are pleasing to me, and they do eliminate spending a lot of money for tickets and the hassle of going to a venue ….

BUT, if Joni Mitchell, Sade, or Yusuf Islam (CAT STEVENS) ever come back for a live show, I WILL be in their audience no matter what the cost may be.

I would find a way to be there for any of these artists. I am a proud super-fan of Joni, Sade, and Yusuf…CAT!

The last time I saw Joni Mitchell perform in Southern California it was at the Gene Autry Museum in 1995. This photo was taken on this unique an intimate evening with Joni. This breath-taking show celebrated her music and artwork.

Sade’s 6th and last tour through the U.S. was in 2011. I have seen Sade each time she has been on tour, but it is not nearly enough. Her albums and tours are few and far between.

On December 14, 2014, Yusuf Islam (aka Cat Stevens) returned to Southern California after 35 years to perform at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. There were no tickets, and I was desperate to get into this show. A generous friend purchased tickets for me from a private party. That friend is the comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias. I had to throw his name into this post because he has done wonderful things for so many people I know. He loves spreading joy on stage and off. Check out my upcoming feature on Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias…coming soon!

As you can see by the dates of their last tours, these artists are not likely to tour again soon….or possibly, ever again.

If you enjoy these artists as much as I do and would love to see them perform I invite you to visit their DVDs by using the links found below.

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Here are some NOT-SO-FUN FACTS about going to live shows in 2022…

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel (well, at the end of this post)

  • We all know that inflation is something that we face daily…some things are up 5%….10%…25% or MORE. BUT, If you have tried to go to a LIVE show or concert lately you may have noticed some ticket prices are up 100%.

    (I suppose they are making up for the time our world was shuttered during the pandemic. Guess what, many concert fans did not work either, so we do not finally get back to work and have a newfound fortune to spend on concert tickets. Some artists love and understand their fanbase and have welcomed fans back with affordable tickets.)
  • CHEAP SEATS are a thing of the past at most venues…Just think of them as PERMENTLY SOLD OUT.
  • The price gouging does not stop with the price of a seat to see a live show….We recently paid $158 to park our car for a 5 hour stay at a venue…closer lots were $300-$500…What happened to every car pays $10-$20 to park in any lot and “first come, first serve” for the closer spots?

QUESTION: Why not save money on parking and take a ride share company (you know which ones)?

ANSWER: Well due to the inflation of GAS prices and new surcharges, prices have risen sky-high to get you to and from concert venues. And good luck trying to find your driver or “A” driver after your show. Be prepared to pay more to get home than what you paid to get to your show…..FACT!

  • Need I mention GAS PRICES…NO, we all get this not-so-fun FACT!
  • Do not go to your concert hungry. It is cheaper to stop by a 3-5 star restaurant and eat before your show. Once you step into the lengthy line at the snack bar of the venue you will be paying BIG BUCKS for burgers, hot dogs, pizza, and other foods to crave your munchies.

Now here is a FUN FACT…

If you are a MUSIC LOVER…there is a sale JUST FOR YOU

You can sit in the “front-row” and still have “CHEAP SEATS” to see ANY show you want. You can also see your favorite shows over and over again….all from the comfort of your home.

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See The Greats One More Time?

I thought I should see Paul McCartney live just one more time before he decides to stop performing….after all he is 80 years old.

After the “ordeal” and all the “drama & the work” it took to see Paul….I AM THE ONE THAT HAS DECIDED MAYBE ITS TIME TO STOP GOING TO OVER-PRICED SHOWS.

It has become next to impossible for regular fans to see their favorite acts these days (without taking out a loan or selling a kidney for the price of a ticket). Some shows cost as much as going on a vacation.

When I looked for tickets and saw the prices for McCartney I decided to stay home, bust out, and enjoy all my favorite McCartney and Beatles music and DVDs from my own collection. I was prepared to miss his show even if it may be his last tour through Los Angeles.

My son was not happy to hear that I was going to miss seeing McCartney, so he purchased a pair of tickets for his “2 moms” to see the show. The tickets set him back $1200 and the seats he purchased “SAT” us back about midway back from the stage. Even with $1200 seats we were watching Paul on the giant screens in the stadium.

Paul was performing at a new stadium, and we were not familiar with the parking situation, so I looked for information on-line. The website recommended purchasing pre-paid parking. We did not purchase parking in the $300 lot that was closest to the stadium. Instead, we bought the $117 parking ($158 after the tax and processing fees). Even though we had pre-paid parking we were instructed to arrive at 3:30 pm. If we could arrive when the lot opened we might be able to get  an A.D.A. (handicapped) parking spot . The show was supposed to start at 7:30 but it started after 8:30 pm. This meant that we were there 5 hours early just to ensure we could get ADA parking. Of course, all the food, water and restrooms were behind the gates of the stadium which did not open until 6:00 pm. Many fans that arrived early (as suggested by the website) were roaming around outside the stadium in 90-degree heat looking for water, food, and restrooms.

We were all happy when the gates finally opened at 6:00 pm. We could then get our $7.50 small bottles of water and stand in long lines for the over-priced food.

The family that sat next to us during the show were buying $20 cans of beer all night from the guy who was walking through the stadium selling them.

I wanted to buy another bottle of water but those were not sold by the guys walking through the stadium. Another $7.50 bottle of water would require a walk up the stairs to the lobby.

So off I went to get my water. When I got to the lobby, I got sidetracked by a bar. I thought I would surprise my partner with her favorite drink, so I ordered a “Whiskey Old Fashioned” cocktail and a margarita. I was told that I needed to go to the “whiskey bar” to get her drink. That bar was on the other side of the huge arena, but I could get my margarita about midway there from the “tequila bar.” All this hassle because the regular “bar-bar” did not sell these drinks. I wanted my drinks, so I made the trek around the stadium and stood in more lines to bring the 2 drinks back to my seat. These drinks were $79 including tax and tip. Needless to say, we would not be a risk on the road after the show by having just one round of $79 drinks.

We returned home about 11 hours after we headed out on our Paul McCartney adventure….it was now 1:00 am.

I am not completely giving up on going to live shows, but I will be VERY selective about who I see in the future.

I have a comfortable reclining couch, a fully stocked bar and we can prepare our favorite snacks to have while we watch our favorite artists perform live on our ultra-clear, GIANT screen TV. Never again will I put ourselves and our wallets through a lot of drama just to see our musical heroes….and, in the most “uncomfortable” way.

We can sit in the comfort of our own home, safely sipping on our favorite drinks…munching on our own favorite foods….wearing whatever we are comfortable in…and saving a whole lot of money on gas, tickets, processing fees, taxes, parking, $70 t-shirts, and other venue money traps. is currently having a HUGE Video Sale for Music Lovers. If you have a solo artist or band that you LOVE seeing live, just search their name on and be prepared to hear and see them…YOUR WAY!

I feel a little silly because I did not click here to enjoy Paul McCartney….MY WAY
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I could have also clicked here to relive Beatlemania in the comfort of my home. The Beatles CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, Box Sets and more from

See all your favorite artists in their prime when they looked and sounded their absolute best. Our heroes live on forever thanks to the body of work they leave behind.

Throughout May I will tell you more about some of my favorite artists and the videos in their catalogs….Make sure you check out all the great performances, documentaries and more from YOUR favorite artists…Get them while you can get MORE for LESS at

It includes a photo of me with 2 Beatles…PAUL & RINGO…Check out that story and see if you can spot me in the photo with Paul. You can see by the look on my face that I was VERY HAPPY to be next to him. Oh, and about the hair in that photo with Ringo (it was the 80’s)