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2023…What’s it going to be?

Did you make your “Annual New Year’s Resolution”…AGAIN?

Are you one of the millions of people who are facing your annual “lose weight” and “get fit” resolution…AGAIN?

Will you be tossing out all the “junk food, sweets and the decadent leftovers” from the holidays? Or will you eat it all before you start your resolution…AGAIN?

Will you be buying new workout clothes because the old ones are too tight…AGAIN?

Are you really prepared to face going back to the gym and paying that monthly membership fee…AGAIN?

Keep reading and I will give you some easy tips on how you can tackle your resolution and tailor a plan that works for your body and your wallet…so forget the monthly gym membership and get all the fitness tools you need at while they are on sale!

I know a little something about all the questions I just presented to you. Along with working in music, I have also spent the last 13 years managing a Fitness Pro and her fitness business. Along with that, I also managed a large gym for 8 years.

Every year I would see the gym fill up through January and become less crowded every month until May.

That was about the time we would get another big burst of business from those seeking a “beach bod” for the summer.

When gyms were forced to close during the pandemic that left millions of us scrambling to find new ways to stay or get fit without the luxury of our gyms. Last year I wrote about my decision to use my home and the great outdoors for my own workouts. I knew that had a huge selection of great workout equipment and DVDs but I did not know how great they were until I used them myself.

I found compact fitness equipment that I could easily transport and use anywhere. I discovered a company called Merrithew that had everything I needed to provide an excellent workout at home or at the park near my house. Their equipment gave me the freedom to workout anytime and anywhere. And their DVD selection provided an excellent variety of new workout options that kept me engaged. I tried new types of workouts that eliminated the boredom of doing the same thing every day.

I found resistance bands, flex bands, an awesome stability ball, strength tubing, yoga accessories, mats and more. I could no longer use the excuse of not being able to find what I needed to workout. and Merrithew had EVERYTHING I needed

I especially love the “Merrithew Soft Kettlebell Plus 2 pack. There are numerous ways to utilize this effective piece of equipment. You can view the short video above on how to safely use these kettlebells. Personally, I love these! Click here for more information or to purchase the Merrithew Soft Kettlebell Plus 2 Pack.

I even found something for fitness that my Granddaughter has loved throughout the year.

I picked up the “Merrithew Play and Exercise Kit for Kids” and she loves it. This is a MUST HAVE for any kids that may be spending a little too much time on their tablets, computer, phones, or video games. Yes, my granddaughter has all this expensive stuff but it’s the inexpensive “Play and Exercise Kit” that pulls her away from her screen-time.

Check out the short video above or click here for more information or to purchase the “Merrithew Play and Excercise Kit for Kids”.

After I purchased my Merrithew fitness equipment in 2022, I decided to look for some great fitness DVDs that I could use at home. I found excellent choices for myself, and for those who may be starting their fitness journey for the first time, and even some for those who like to “GO HARD” in their workouts. There were DVDs for any type of exercise I could think of. There was something for every need, interest or body part that needed some extra attention.

DVDs were available for all the new and popular workouts too. I found the “Total Barre Foundation Workout,” the “Drum Workout,” and a “Floor-Work Fluid Body Workout.” If you love moving to great music there is a Brazilian Workout called “Dance to Be Fit: Carnival Workout” …a “Bollywood Party Workout” … “Country Dance Workout” and more.

For an amazing old school workout, you cannot go wrong with the “Jane Fonda Workout” DVDs. Check out the Jane Fonda Workout Box Set Collection and all her workout DVDs here.

For those who love Yoga and need a great stretch there are plenty of DVDs and all the yoga accessories for you too.

Last year I picked up the “Exercise Can Beat Arthritis” DVD for a good friend of mine and she loved it so much that I have now purchased one for myself. Click here for more information or to purchase the “Exercise Can Beat Arthritis” DVD.

For myself, I knew I needed to start somewhere, so I bought the “Plus Size Workout: Cardo & Weight Training” which provided a great start to my own journey. Get your own copy of “Plus Size Workout: Cardo & Weight Training” on DVD here.

Since is still offering their holiday sale pricing through 1/15/23, I am ready to choose my next workout DVD to motivate me through 2023. I will let you all know shortly which one I chose and how it is going.

There are exercise and workout DVDs for everyone and every need. Take a look at their massive selection workout DVDs here.

Now that I have told you a lot about what I did in 2022 and what I will be doing in this glorious NEW YEAR that is upon us…


It is never too late to make or start a resolution…even if it is a February, March, April, or May resolution…Just make a commitment to yourself to do something positive towards your health in 2023…..and DO IT!

Everything I mentioned in this feature can be used in the safety and privacy of your own home. You can quietly start a new meal plan, use your new fitness equipment and DVDs, and surprise your friends with a NEW YOU by the summer. It’s all up to you and your start date.

Every meal plan or workout program will work for you if YOU decide to put in the work and follow your plan. DON’T GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!

Get your head in the game, pick a plan, get your equipment, GET SERIOUS, and GET MOVIN!

Use the provided Links to create your own workout space and you will be on your way to a better you in 2023!

JUST A THOUGHT…….June 1st is…

When you woke up this morning was your first thought, “what is special about today?”

Or are you one of those perky, positive, people that says “EVERY DAY IS SPECIAL TO ME”?

I happen to believe that “IF” everyone could wake-up and think that every day was special…and that they too were special… and EVERYONE WERE SPECIAL, we could all live in a safer and happier world.

Did you know that June 1 is “NATIONAL SAY SOMETHING NICE DAY”? Neither did I until I looked at a list that tells me why “this day, June 1, is special”. In fact, it tells me why there is something to be aware of, appreciate, observe, and to be grateful for, EVERY DAY!

Some of these special awareness days or topics are hilarious to me….BUT they can also be deeply meaningful to others.

Below is the link I use to find out what I should care about each day. This list will tell you what is recognized and observed by each day of the year. These lists tell us Nationally and sometimes Internationally…What we should eat…What we should do…What I we should wear…Where we should go…and how WE should FEEL ABOUT ANY GIVEN DAY.


I can map out my entire day just by checking this site. But first, finish reading my post, because you might get lost or trapped in the enormous list of what you should care about on every day of your life!

June Holidays & National Days | 2022 Calendar (

Today, on June 1, 2022, I discovered that it is:

National Running Day:

I do not see myself celebrating this, but millions of others will be out there running on this HOT June day. Since today is also“National Olive Day,” I will shake up a few martinis and give a toast to all the runners out there.

AND…today is also “National Nail Polish Day”

This is just a reminder that perhaps I should stop biting my nails. Whereas others may show up at their nail salon and ask for some extra-long “Cardi B nails.” They can paint them GREEN since Wednesday is “National Green Day.” Of course, I would wait until Saturday for “National Purple Day” (I prefer to call it “National Violet Day”)

Did you know that EVERY DAY is National or World “SOMETHING DAY” for multiple things?

I dare you to guess how many Appreciation or Awareness days there are in the month of JUNE..

I dare you because today (June 1) is “DARE DAY”

If you guessed there are 88 special recognition days in June you would be correct. If you guessed wrong, you could have been right if you made your guess on March 16th which is, EVERYTHING YOU DO IS RIGHT DAY

If there are only 11 Federal Holidays in an entire year, why are there 88 Special Observance Days in June alone?

BECAUSE…Everyone loves to feel special about something other than just the GLORIOUS day they were born.

Some days are recognized by the Government as legal holidays, some are made-up holidays such as “Festivus for the Rest of Us” (made famous in Seinfeld, season 9, episode 10)

We have special days that were created by industries or brands just to sell you things on their special “made up” appreciation days. I wonder if September 16 was a slow day for avocado sales or perhaps a big batch of avocados were going bad on this day when some brilliant mind created “National Guacamole Day?” Frankly, I could celebrate  “Guac-day” every day of the year.

Did you ever wonder who created these special days?

Was it the clerk behind the counter at 7-Eleven that suddenly said,“Today is July 7, 2002…7/11 and I declare this day to be National 7-eleven Day and we should give away FREE Slurpee’s”.

Now that we have discussed a few of the 88 things that were EXTRA-SPECIAL ABOUT TODAY…..This one STOOD OUT to me and looked like something that I should support and DO!


In January I featured a post on “New Year’s Resolutions.”

Everyone seems to care about their health, fitness, and weight EVERY January. January is “National Healthy Weight Month.” In January there are sales on all thing’s fitness and weight loss. Those sales are a BIG REMINDER that we just might be a little pudgy and could stand to take off a few pounds (or 50..or 100).

So many of us make a NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION to lose weight and get fit. And we keep it for 1 day, a week or even two weeks. You were a “Resolution Rock-Star” if you made it past January 14 this year, which was the official “QUITTERS DAY” of 2022.

We really try to lose the same weight (or more) every year. Someday we will lose those pounds, but important things always come up that de-rail us. Things like “National Popcorn Day” on January 19…“Pizza Day” on February 9…“Beer Day” on April 7…or “Hamburger Day” on May 28. If we only had the willpower and strength to make it to “NEVER GIVE UP DAY” on AUGUST 18th,

Well, why not start over on this lovely “NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION RECOMMITMENT DAY”

Today is a perfect day to re-commit since EVERY FITNESS WORKOUT DVD & EVERY PIECE OF FITNESS EQUIPMENT IS PRICED “JUST RIGHT” for you to conquer your weight loss goals and save some BIG BUCKS through the ENTIRE MONTH OF JUNE at Search results for All Products : “fitness” (

GET ALL THE STUFF YOU NEED TODAY (or tomorrow) but “DO IT” with the Deep Discount 10% off coupon and  while the prices are low! Get the coupon code here

Revisit my fitness post from January 2022. I listed several of the TOP Fitness products from Merrithew. They have something that everyone can use to start or recommit to a fitness or weight loss resolution.

SUMMER OFFICALLY BEGINS ON TUESDAY, JUNE 21,  and you CAN be in a different swimsuit size by….

“NEVER GIVE UP DAY” on August 18.

Since today is “SAY SOMETHING NICE DAY” I will tell you that “YOU CAN” make it past August 18 and you are “AWESOME” EVERYDAY and not just on the “INTERNATIONAL DAY of AWESOMENESS” on March 10.

How is that “NEW YEARS RESOLUTION” working out for you?

Most of you know me from my career in music but over the last 12 years I have also worked in the fitness industry. I currently manage a Fitness Pro and her Fitness business. Along with her business I also managed a large gym for 8 years.

My first year at the gym taught me a lot about people and their New Year’s resolutions to get fit and lose weight. In October and November, I started to prepare for the hordes of people that would be clamoring to get in the gym on January 1. This is “the day” that most people “SAY” they are ready to buckle-down and get serious about losing weight. I had 30 trainers that were ready and willing to help the crowd of people that would hit the gym on January 1st. We were fully prepared but when I opened the doors on the 1st, it was a ghost town. As I reached out to some of our clients they said that they were still not ready to dive into a fitness program. They knew that they needed the gym, but they would be coming back in a week or two. That week or two could easily turn into a month or two.

Very few people were ready to go from a two-month holiday feeding frenzy into a structured exercise and nutrition program. Since New Year’s Eve is usually the last call for heavy partying, drinking, and eating some find it too “HARD, SERIOUS & REAL” to go cold-turkey…become a hard-core dieter and to get back to the gym within a 24-hour period. Can anyone really go to bed on New Year’s Eve and wake up on the 1st day of a brand-new year ready to face the gym and workout clothing that is now too tight?

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