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Super Bowl or Super Bowl HALF-TIME SHOW?

What are you more excited about?

I have never been a huge fan of football games, but I do love the Super Bowl.

And who does not like those decadent, delicious snacks and drinks that only seem to come out for the “special” games?

I love all the excitement leading up to the BIG-GAME. For the last couple of years, it has been tough to gather with friends to watch the game. Due to what we have learned about Covid and all the precautions that are available to us we are now able to have a few friends over to watch the Super Bowl. We are in Los Angeles so we will be cheering for our Los Angeles Rams.

BUT FOR ME…….my cheering will come at half-time.

There have been some extremely exciting and memorable half-time shows but this one is special to me for my own personal reasons.

I met each one of these artists before they were the SUPER-STARS they are today. I met them when they had dreams of making it big in this business. They were hungry and driven to “make-it.” I watched them work hard to become educated about this game called the music industry. Most of us have no idea what it took for these artists to reach the Super Bowl Half-time show.

CONGRATS to DR. DRE, SNOOP DOGG, MARY J BLIGE, EMINEM and KENDRICK LAMAR on the most anticipated Super Bowl half-time shows in many years.

For most of us “LA folks,” the party will continue long after the winning team leaves the beautiful new SoFi Stadium.

Here are a few of my favorite albums from our half-time stars …..They will also be in heavy rotation at our Super Bowl After Party. (To purchase these albums, click the album titles – They are linked to my sponsor

  • DR. DRE: Since I am a HUGE fan of DR. DRE and NWA, I must have “Straight Outta Compton” in the mix. If you LOVE Dre’s production, this is always a “MUST HAVE”
  • DR. DRE “The Chronic”:  Is an ICONIC and BELOVED piece of Hip Hop history. The Chronic is known worldwide for many things but in my opinion it is Dre’s skilled “G-Funk” production and the introduction of a new artist named “Snoop Doggy Dogg” that made this one of the most important hip hop albums of ALL-TIME!
  • SNOOP DOGG “Doggystyle.” This is the debut album from Snoop Doggy Dogg. After Snoop was introduced on “The Chronic” the world was waiting for his debut album, and he did NOT disappoint on this one. Dr. Dre produced this best-selling and influential album for Snoop. It was released on November 23, 1993, and it became the fastest selling hip hop record of that time. Doggystyle sold 806,858 copies in its first week. This was unheard of for a rap record. “Doggystyle” tops every list of the most important hip-hop albums of all time. Put this on and it is an instant party.
  • EMINEM “The Marshal Mathers Album.” Eminem has released over 10 number one albums. All are multi-platinum. Eminem has sales of over 220 million records worldwide. But there is one of his records that is EXTREMELY near and dear to my heart. “The Marshall Mathers LP” was the first album to break the first week sales record held by Snoop Dogg for “Doggystyle.” “The Marshall Mathers LP” sold 1.78 million records in its debut week. The name of my blog came from this album. Track #6 is a skit titled “Steve Berman” and I am mentioned by name in this skit. My blog is named “VIOLET BROWN TOLD ME” because Steve Berman (Vice Chairman of Interscope Records) told Eminem that he needed to “change his record because people are saying terrible things about it out-there”…In the skit, Steve actually told Eminem “Do you know what’s happening to me out there? Violet Brown told me to go F##k Myself.”And this is how my blog got its name. Of course, this was all for a little comedy. Steve Berman called and asked  if I would mind having my name on an album that would sell over 10 million copies…

I DID NOT MIND, and I still do not mind even with sales now at over 21 million worldwide. This is one of the best-selling albums of all-time and I am honored to be mentioned on it.

  • MARY J BLIGE: It is extremely hard for me to choose just one Mary J Blige favorite, so I have a few. “What’s the 411?”, “My Life”, “Mary”, “No More Drama” and “Breakthrough”. For the ultimate Super Bowl after party, just pick up Mary J Blige “Reflections”…it is packed with Mary’s biggest hits.
  • KENDRICK LAMAR “DAMN.” This is the first non-jazz or classical release to receive the Pulitzer Prize in music. “DAMN” also garnered seven Grammy Award nominations and five wins to include the Grammy for “Best Rap Album.” I am also a huge fan of Kendrick’s “To Pimp A Butterfly

Wishing you all a happy, memorable, and fun Super Bowl Sunday!

Kendrick Lamar

“Good Kid, M.A.D.D. City”

Kendrick Lamar was 16 when he launched his first mixtape in 2004. He rapped under the name K-Dot from 2003-2009. He wrote and rapped about what he knew best…the streets of the city he was raised in….Compton, California.

Like several of the Compton rap legends that came before him, he gave a clear and honest account of what was currently happening in Compton. He released 3 mixtapes as K-Dot and then decided to rap under his birth name of Kendrick Lamar. Using his real name was a bold statement since historically most rappers use nicknames or their “street name” from where they grew up. In 2009, with his fourth mixtape, Kendrick Lamar was somewhat reborn, using his birth name. He was also becoming one of the hottest mixtape rappers in the game.

His mixtapes garnered huge local success and soon he gained popularity in other areas.

One day while watching YouTube the NWA Rap-Star and iconic Producer, Dr. Dre came across a song by some guy named Kendrick Lamar.

The song was “Ignorance is Bliss” and it was enough to have Dre reach out to Kendrick to invite him to appear on his long-awaited and now infamous “Detox” album. Detox was supposed to be Dre’s EPIC follow-up to his 1999 classic album, “The Chronic”.

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