and Summer brings the BLOCKBUSTERS.

As a kid, I could not wait to get out of school and head to the beach, the parks or off to play with my friends. Another thing that I loved to do was to go to my local theatre to see the NEW movies that they were calling “Blockbusters”. I did not know exactly what a blockbuster was, but I soon figured out that it was those gigantic movies that were loaded with more action, BIGGER stars and they were the movies that EVERYONE was talking about. I didn’t want to be the kid that did not know about the BIG MOVIES, so I had to see them all!

Every summer I climbed in the back of my mom’s car (and sometimes just for fun, even the trunk) and we headed off to the Drive-In movie.

I believe it was just $10 a car to go see one of those Blockbuster Movies. So, mom loaded up my neighborhood friends much like a packed clown car and off we went to the Drive-in movie. I remember seeing films like “American Graffiti”, “Jaws” and “E.T.” with friends as we munched on bags of popcorn we made at home and store treats that never had the fancy brand names.

WE HAD BIG FUN & the BIG BLOCKBUSTER movies had a BIG impact on my life.

I loved them and it led to my obsession and passion for MOVIES.

After we all outgrew my mom’s car (and trunk), we started going to our local theatre to catch the BIG BLOCKBUSTERS. Sitting in the air-conditioned theatre with that BOOMING LOUD sound and the GIANT screen was pure luxury. I made sure to get to the first showing of the day “the matinee” to see the movies for less money. I suppose the blockbusters happened in summer just to put the kids in the theatre seats. They knew back then that word of mouth from kids could bring lines around the block to see these BIG movies of summer. And if you were a kid that was first to see EVERY movie, you were usually elevated to “popular” status at school. Us kids would tell our friends about the SUPERHEROES, the SCARY MONSTERS, the BIG EXPLOSIONS, the HEART THROBS or the RIVETTING ACTION that always seemed to be an important element in the FABULOUS, BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES of SUMMER.

Now days these kids that “think” they know everything about what you should “see and want” are crowned as “INFLUENCERS”. They tell their 10 million followers on the Gram (Instagram), Tik Tok, Snap (Snap Chat) or YouTube what to watch, or NOT to WATCH. And their parents hear all about the movies and then break the news to their old friends from high school on Facebook.

My lifelong obsession with movies began with the summer BLOCKBUSTERS. I now enjoy all types of films and some are far from blockbusters. Independent, art films and documentaries are important to me, but I am also lured in by the BIG BLOCKBUSTERS.

I still love going to my favorite theatres but now days the pandemic has shown me how to fully enjoy a film on my big screen TV, with my own boomin’ sound, with my favorite snacks (that did not cost a fortune) and in the comfort of my own recliner. As you can see, I am still enjoying movies in pure LUXURY. And if I want my friends to join me, I just entice them with fancy homemade popcorn and “brand name” treats.

Through July I am going to tell you about some of my personal and favorite Blockbuster movies. Some are old, some are newer, but ALL were EPIC…CLASSIC…and a SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER!!!

Come to my blog through July to hear about movies like Jaws, E.T., Forest Gump, Independence Day, Grease, The Lion King, Mad Max and more…

I LOVE talking movies with you and I love sharing deals. I will tell you where to find these films and you too can enjoy them in the comfort of your own home (without taking out a loan just to take your family to dinner and a movie).

Watch a movie (or two), then head back to my blog to hear about another film that you just might LOVE…..and I may even throw in a fancy popcorn recipe (or two)