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JUST A THOUGHT…..On Tom Cruise Movies

As we approach the long holiday weekend some of us will be staying home or enjoying our local parks and beaches. If we are at home we will probably fire up the grill, put some drinks on ice and break out the summer tunes. If you are one of those people that redecorated or redesigned your back yard, your man-cave or your she-shed during the pandemic, you may be hosting a movie night. Around my neighborhood I see a lot of those BIG “blow-up” movie screens for those back yard summer parties and movie nights under the stars.

So, while we are all still ridin’ high after seeing “Top Gun Maverick” in the theater…..I want to remind you of the GREAT Tom Cruise movies that you may want to grab for your summer bash at home. And a few of them are perfect for the JULY 4th holiday.

Kick off your summer with a few of Tom’s BIGGEST BLOCKBUSTER HITS.

“Born on the Fourth of July” 1989

Search results for Movies/TV : “born on the fourth of july” (

“Top Gun” (1986)

Search results for Movies/TV : “top gun” (

“Mission Impossible” (1996-2018)

There are 6 films in this franchise (and we may see more in the future)

Get all films in the “Mission Impossible” franchise here: Search results for Movies/TV : “Mission Impossible” (

“Jerry McGuire” & “A Few Good Men” Double Feature.

A Few Good Men / Jerry Maguire on

“Days of Thunder” and more…check out the set with 10 movies for AMAZING value.

Search results for Movies/TV : “Days of Thunder” (

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  1. Mitch

    I saw this and really enjoyed it. When I posted I got a few comments on how people would never pay for any movie with Cruise in it because of his Scientology religious beliefs, which I understand fully.

    Would love to see your readers thoughts about this and Scientology.

    • violetbrown

      Although that would be interesting to know, I don’t want to delve too much into my readers beliefs about politics or what they feel is their religion. I do understand people not wanting to support his movies. I have yet to see his new film too. I am curious about it with all of the hype of it being great. Just not a lot of time these days so I am picky about my entertainment choices. I appreciate you reading my BLOG