Its only 8 days till Christmas

Every year I say that I am going to be finished with my shopping by December 1st and every year I find myself feeling agitated around December 15th because I am NOT finished.

I know I am NOT alone. In fact, statistics say that only 24% of Americans finish their holiday shopping by December 1st. Who are these perfect people? To me they are like unicorns, I do not know many people that can honestly say “I am completely done” shopping for the BIG gift frenzy that is happening in just 15 DAYS…..SUCH PRESSURE!

What’s holding me back ….What’s holding US back?

Now this puts us in the other 75% of the people that are procrastinators. But, we have our reasons…and our excuses.

Here are my reasons and excuses, do any of these sound familiar to YOU?

“I don’t have much money”

“I don’t like crowded malls”

“The traffic and parking is hideous around the holidays”

“I don’t know what they will want, I want it to be something they like”

“I don’t have time before the stores close”

“I will need to get dressed…leave my house and get gas in the car”

OMG….do I need to keep finding more excuses?

Here is a thought……..

  • Since you are already on your computer or phone you could easily click the link below and have the solution for all of your excuses.
  • If you don’t have much money…EVERYTHING is on sale, and you have the link to savings below. And the great news is….there is an abundance…and a WHOLE LOT OF GIFTS under $10 & $20.
  • Your computer and phone are open for business 24/7. Every day, every hour, every holiday you can shop from the comfort of your home (or job, but don’t get caught). Rather than tossing and turning in the middle of the night, USE THE LINK and FINISH YOUR SHOPPING.
  • Are you currently in a crowd? I think not, so just click the link and shop without all those other late shoppers.

You do NOT need to have a lot of money…or fight traffic…or look for parking…get gas or even GET DRESSED to finish your holiday shopping. (that’s right, you can shop in your PJ’s or even naked)

I refuse to be part of the 75% of Americans that may be roaming the aisles of stores for hours, just to get frustrated because I did not find the perfect gifts.

If you know the type (genre) of music and movies your friends like, you can find them a gift they will “LOVE” and “WITHIN YOUR BUDGET” at

If you don’t know your friends favorite music and movies just look at their social media sites for clues and ideas. Most people list or post about their favorite things. It’s pretty easy to figure out what genre of music or movies your friends would like.

And when in doubt you can always get them something you LOVE (and think they may LOVE too). If they don’t LOVE it, perhaps they will accidently re-gift it to you next year.

Here is the link again that will solve all your shopping issues and needs. But I suggest shopping as soon as possible so the elves at can ship your “perfect” gift to your loved ones by Christmas (Just choose “2-Day Shipping” by 12/21/22 – 9:00 AM CT.)

“And if you wait a little longer no worries, your friends probably already know you are on “TEAM 75%” of America’s procrastinators”

Have an AMAZING, HAPPY HOLIDAY and you have my permission to send those “perfect gifts” YOU have always wanted to YOURSELF too….WHY NOT…..ITS ON SALE and YOU DESERVE IT!

SUGGESTION…you may want to add as a favorite on your computer for next year when perhaps you may be…or let’s be real…when you WILL be late AGAIN!