Most of you know me from my career in music but over the last 12 years I have also worked in the fitness industry. I currently manage a Fitness Pro and her Fitness business. Along with her business I also managed a large gym for 8 years.

My first year at the gym taught me a lot about people and their New Year’s resolutions to get fit and lose weight. In October and November, I started to prepare for the hordes of people that would be clamoring to get in the gym on January 1. This is “the day” that most people “SAY” they are ready to buckle-down and get serious about losing weight. I had 30 trainers that were ready and willing to help the crowd of people that would hit the gym on January 1st. We were fully prepared but when I opened the doors on the 1st, it was a ghost town. As I reached out to some of our clients they said that they were still not ready to dive into a fitness program. They knew that they needed the gym, but they would be coming back in a week or two. That week or two could easily turn into a month or two.

Very few people were ready to go from a two-month holiday feeding frenzy into a structured exercise and nutrition program. Since New Year’s Eve is usually the last call for heavy partying, drinking, and eating some find it too “HARD, SERIOUS & REAL” to go cold-turkey…become a hard-core dieter and to get back to the gym within a 24-hour period. Can anyone really go to bed on New Year’s Eve and wake up on the 1st day of a brand-new year ready to face the gym and workout clothing that is now too tight?

Most people have not thrown out the sweets and bad foods that are still in their house from the holidays. Rather than wasting food, they decide to eat this stuff and “NEVER-EVER” buy it again. So, for 2-3 weeks they get rid of all the bad foods in the house…. (actually, they probably ate it all)

Now it is the third week of January and they “think” they are ready to come back to the gym. Of course, some come back much later because they wanted to lose a little weight before returning to see all their friends at the gym.

During covid many gyms were closed, and we were forced to stay in our homes more than we wanted. Several of us started experimenting with cooking. I did a little experimenting too and I became an excellent bar tender. Let us face it, most of us have put on a few extra pounds in 2020 and 2021.

In 2021, I decided that I wanted to use my home and the outdoors for my own workouts, so I started looking for exercise equipment that could help me with my fitness goals. I wanted compact items that could be used and transported anywhere…and easily.

I discovered a company called Merrithew that had everything I wanted and needed to have an excellent workout right at home. I could take this equipment anywhere I wanted and at any time to get in a good workout. I found resistance bands, flex bands, an awesome stability ball, strength tubing, yoga accessories, mats and more. I could not use the excuse of not being able to find what I needed to workout. and Merrithew had EVERYTHING I needed

I especially got a lot of use out of the Merrithew Soft Kettlebell Plus 2 pack. There are numerous ways to use this effective piece of equipment. Personally, I love this one!

I even found something for fitness that my Granddaughter could use. I picked up the “Merrithew Play and Exercise Kit for Kids” and she loves it. She lines up her dolls to watch her work-out. And sometimes she uses her own cool exercise kit and works out with grandma. This is a MUST HAVE for any kids that may be spending a little too much time on their, tablets, computer, phones, or games. Yes, my granddaughter has all this expensive stuff but its this inexpensive “Play and Exercise Kit” that pulled her away from her screen-time.

After I placed my fitness equipment in my shopping cart I decided to look for some great fitness DVD’s that I could use at home. I was over-whelmed with all the amazing choices. There were DVDs for any type of exercise I could think of. There was something for every need, interest or body part that needed some extra attention.

DVDs were available for all the new and popular workouts. I found the “Total Barre Foundation Workout,” the “Drum Workout,” and a “Floor-Work Fluid Body Workout.” If you love moving to great music there is a Brazilian Workout called “Dance to Be Fit: Carnaval Workout” …a “Bollywood Party Workout” … “Country Dance Workout” and more.

For an amazing old school workout, you can pick up the “Jane Fonda Workout Collection Box Set.”

For those who love Yoga and need a great stretch there are plenty of DVDs for you too.

I picked up the “Exercise Can Beat Arthritis” DVD for a good friend of mine.

And for myself, I figure that I must start somewhere, so I bought “Plus Size Workout: Cardio & Weight Training” until I can advance to the next level. I am also drawn to “Bethenney’s Skinnygirl Workout,” so I will add that to my Wishlist for later.

Now that I have told you a lot about what I am doing….


It is never too later to make or start a resolution…. even if it is a February, March, April, or May resolution.

Everything I mentioned in this feature can be used in the safety and privacy of your own home. You can quietly start a new meal plan, use your new fitness equipment and DVD’s, to surprise your friends with a NEW YOU by the summer. Its all up to you and your start date.

Every meal plan or workout program will work for you if YOU decide to put the work in and follow your programs.

Get your head in the game, pick a plan, get your equipment, GET SERIOUS and GET MOVIN! helps sponsor this blog. You can use all these Links I found on their site to create your own workout space:

  1. Merrithew Deals on Fitness Accessories and DVDs

2. Merrithew Soft Kettlebell Plus 2-Pack

3. Merrithew Play and Exercise Kit for Kids

4. Total Barre Foundation Workout on DVD

5. 30-Day Drum Workout: An Exercise Plan for Drummers on DVD

6. ZEN-GA Floorwork Fluid Body Workout on DVD

7. Dance and Be Fit: Carnaval Workout on DVD

8. Bollywood Party Workout on DVD

9. Country Dance Workout With Elizabeth De Gennaro on DVD

10. Jane Fonda’s Workout Collection Boxed Set

11. Plus Size Workout: Cardio & Weight Training on DVD

12. Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Workout on DVD