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During the pandemic I was bored and looking for things to do so I thought I would re-visit some of the fun things from my childhood. As a child I had a cousin that I had summer sleepovers with. She loved puzzles and we would stay up all night working on them together. When the summer ended, and it was time to go back to school I was still thinking about puzzles.

When the pandemic hit, I remembered how much fun we had and decided to get some puzzles. I went to one of the big chain stores to see their selection of puzzles. Since I was not there for toilet paper, food, hand sanitizer or other pandemic necessities I knew they would certainly have puzzles. I expected to be the only one in the puzzle aisle. So, I searched the aisles for puzzles. I could not find puzzles which I thought was odd, so I asked an employee where I could find them. He said, “if we have any left they will be on aisle O-2.” As I wandered down the aisle I did not see any puzzles, but I did notice a shelf that was completely EMPTY. I read the signs to see what once lived on these empty shelves. Sign after sign had the name and bar-code of a different puzzle.

Apparently puzzles were also a pandemic necessity.

But I was not going home without a puzzle….I WAS ON A MISSION!

I drove to another big store that I knew would have puzzles. And once again…the shelves were bare.

What was going on with puzzles? A puzzle shortage was puzzling to me.

When I got home I decided I would look on my favorite site to see if they had any puzzles. So, I opened and low and behold they had an AMAZING selection of puzzles. I found puzzles for my favorite rock bands, movies, TV shows, artists, pets, comics, super heroes and more….I even found some Ravensburger puzzles which some of my friends regard as “puzzles for the serious collectors.” I found easy puzzles and hard puzzles. There were puzzles that went from 200 to 3,000 pieces and MORE.

I purchased a Beatles, Warhol and a Seinfeld puzzle which kept me entertained for a while. Then I returned for more puzzles…harder ones…I AM NOW OBSESSED WITH PUZZLES.

This past December I went to a holiday party with old friends that I had not seen in a couple of years. We started talking about things we were doing during the pandemic. As we went around the room I heard several cool things that my friends were doing so I was a little nervous to “come out” as a PUZZLE FANATIC. When it was my turn I said that I enjoyed working on puzzles. When I said this nearly everyone in the room confessed to “LOVING PUZZLES.” We then spent an hour or more talking about puzzles. One friend who I always considered to be the “super cool” guy in the room, busted out his phone to show me an entire photo album of all the puzzles he has completed. And everyone gathered around to see his prize puzzles. He also said that he is a serious puzzler that loves “Ravensburger” puzzles.

I am no longer a closet puzzle lover. I proudly tell everyone that “I LOVE PUZZLES” and I proudly tell everyone to go to the deep puzzle shop on to find a GREAT selection of puzzles.

If so check out this link for a great selection of classic album covers puzzles

And…being a HUGE music fan I had to have this 1,000 pc. puzzle of back-stage passes. You too, can get it here


Pick up one or more of the holiday puzzles for next year. This will be a great way to keep your friends and family happy and busy at your holiday gatherings (while you are cooking and sipping the spiked eggnog)


When the puzzle box says “5+ Years” it does NOT mean it takes 5+ years to complete….LOL

Just A Thought…About Christmas

Its only 8 days till Christmas

Every year I say that I am going to be finished with my shopping by December 1st and every year I find myself feeling agitated around December 15th because I am NOT finished.

I know I am NOT alone. In fact, statistics say that only 24% of Americans finish their holiday shopping by December 1st. Who are these perfect people? To me they are like unicorns, I do not know many people that can honestly say “I am completely done” shopping for the BIG gift frenzy that is happening in just 15 DAYS…..SUCH PRESSURE!

What’s holding me back ….What’s holding US back?

Now this puts us in the other 75% of the people that are procrastinators. But, we have our reasons…and our excuses.

Here are my reasons and excuses, do any of these sound familiar to YOU?

“I don’t have much money”

“I don’t like crowded malls”

“The traffic and parking is hideous around the holidays”

“I don’t know what they will want, I want it to be something they like”

“I don’t have time before the stores close”

“I will need to get dressed…leave my house and get gas in the car”

OMG….do I need to keep finding more excuses?

Here is a thought……..

  • Since you are already on your computer or phone you could easily click the link below and have the solution for all of your excuses.
  • If you don’t have much money…EVERYTHING is on sale, and you have the link to savings below. And the great news is….there is an abundance…and a WHOLE LOT OF GIFTS under $10 & $20.
  • Your computer and phone are open for business 24/7. Every day, every hour, every holiday you can shop from the comfort of your home (or job, but don’t get caught). Rather than tossing and turning in the middle of the night, USE THE LINK and FINISH YOUR SHOPPING.
  • Are you currently in a crowd? I think not, so just click the link and shop without all those other late shoppers.

You do NOT need to have a lot of money…or fight traffic…or look for parking…get gas or even GET DRESSED to finish your holiday shopping. (that’s right, you can shop in your PJ’s or even naked)

I refuse to be part of the 75% of Americans that may be roaming the aisles of stores for hours, just to get frustrated because I did not find the perfect gifts.

If you know the type (genre) of music and movies your friends like, you can find them a gift they will “LOVE” and “WITHIN YOUR BUDGET” at

If you don’t know your friends favorite music and movies just look at their social media sites for clues and ideas. Most people list or post about their favorite things. It’s pretty easy to figure out what genre of music or movies your friends would like.

And when in doubt you can always get them something you LOVE (and think they may LOVE too). If they don’t LOVE it, perhaps they will accidently re-gift it to you next year.

Here is the link again that will solve all your shopping issues and needs. But I suggest shopping as soon as possible so the elves at can ship your “perfect” gift to your loved ones by Christmas (Just choose “2-Day Shipping” by 12/21/22 – 9:00 AM CT.)

“And if you wait a little longer no worries, your friends probably already know you are on “TEAM 75%” of America’s procrastinators”

Have an AMAZING, HAPPY HOLIDAY and you have my permission to send those “perfect gifts” YOU have always wanted to YOURSELF too….WHY NOT…..ITS ON SALE and YOU DESERVE IT!

SUGGESTION…you may want to add as a favorite on your computer for next year when perhaps you may be…or let’s be real…when you WILL be late AGAIN!

JUST A THOUGHT…..about Halloween

I don’t know about you but in these times of inflation and especially with the high price of gas, I am looking at all ways I can save some money. Let’s face it, I may cut some corners on certain things, but I still need to feed my obsession for good entertainment and fun.

For me Halloween has always been the fun holiday. You are not coming together with family for big feasts, gift giving and the dreaded pretending you love everyone in the room. Halloween can certainly be celebrated with family, but it’s usually the ones you have FUN with. It’s the family members who can enjoy the same sick and twisted horror films that you love.

If you have small children (or small grandchildren as I do), you will probably be out in the streets while they fill up their bags of candy. That is always fun until you get home and discover they have eaten one too many skittles and are bouncing off the walls.

This year Halloween falls on a school night, so I suggest you ration the candy. After inspecting their bags for all the dangerous things, we are warned about, you can also remove ALL YOUR favorite candy. This way the kiddos will have less candy to keep them buzzing till the next holiday of Thanksgiving.

Violet Brown Told Me – Halloween Tip:

While inspecting your princess or superheroes’ candy, “remove” the ones you like!

I am a grandparent that loves seeing my “most beautiful-in the world” granddaughter but I have noticed some miserable Grandma’s trekking down the street trying to keep an eye on their little Princess or Superhero that are literally in a sea of little Princesses and Superheroes. These are the Grandma’s or sometimes Pa’s that have adult children who’ve dressed up like what they feel is funny or sexy and have headed off to get “extra-happy” (drunk) at a friend’s party. They know that their little one is in good hands since they have pawned them off on Grandma.

If you have teens they will probably want to do what you like to do (minus the alcohol). They may want to have a few friends over to eat all the candy you have bought to hand out to the kids and to watch horror films.

If there are no kids in your household and you find yourself hosting “the Halloween party” you will want to have some great horror films on hand.

So, getting back to feeding my need for entertainment…fun…and SAVING MONEY.

I clicked on’s Halloween Buy More Save More Sale and was pleasantly surprised to find loads of great Halloween films. And not just the ones you see in big bins at the front of stores. You know the ones…the movies that 4 other people are throwing around while digging to the bottom of the bin to find just one they have heard of.

The link will take you to a heading that says “HALLOWEEN: BUY MORE, SAVE MORE….There you can read the description of the film and even view the original trailer to see if it is “GORY” enough for your little demon get together. And guess what, you will find the classics that we all know so well, and the films that grab the attention of your twisted, sick mind (oh sorry, maybe that’s just me).

So, save gas, avoid sifting through discount bins filled with the D-list Halloween films and save BIG BUCKS on all YOUR FAVORITE HALLOWEEN, HORROR, SCI-FI and THRILLER FILMS…


JUST A THOUGHT…..On Tom Cruise Movies

As we approach the long holiday weekend some of us will be staying home or enjoying our local parks and beaches. If we are at home we will probably fire up the grill, put some drinks on ice and break out the summer tunes. If you are one of those people that redecorated or redesigned your back yard, your man-cave or your she-shed during the pandemic, you may be hosting a movie night. Around my neighborhood I see a lot of those BIG “blow-up” movie screens for those back yard summer parties and movie nights under the stars.

So, while we are all still ridin’ high after seeing “Top Gun Maverick” in the theater…..I want to remind you of the GREAT Tom Cruise movies that you may want to grab for your summer bash at home. And a few of them are perfect for the JULY 4th holiday.

Kick off your summer with a few of Tom’s BIGGEST BLOCKBUSTER HITS.

“Born on the Fourth of July” 1989

Search results for Movies/TV : “born on the fourth of july” (

“Top Gun” (1986)

Search results for Movies/TV : “top gun” (

“Mission Impossible” (1996-2018)

There are 6 films in this franchise (and we may see more in the future)

Get all films in the “Mission Impossible” franchise here: Search results for Movies/TV : “Mission Impossible” (

“Jerry McGuire” & “A Few Good Men” Double Feature.

A Few Good Men / Jerry Maguire on

“Days of Thunder” and more…check out the set with 10 movies for AMAZING value.

Search results for Movies/TV : “Days of Thunder” (

Have you got a topic, actor, movie, or musical artist you would like me to feature in my blog?

If so, drop me a line at [email protected]

JUST A THOUGHT…..on a great sale!

And full disclosure….this is a shameless plug!

The month-long SITE-WIDE SUMMER SALE at will be ending in just a few days.

If you read my blog I know you love some form if not all forms of entertainment.

AND….I do NOT want you to miss the ULTIMATE ENTERTAINMENT SALE that happens only a couple times a year.

How would you like to go into any of your favorite stores and buy anything you want with a SALE PRICE DISCOUNT?

Throughout the month of June all of you have been able to find all the entertainment titles you have been wanting or needing in your life……..AND…You have been able to get them all on sale, but that is ending on Thursday, June 30.

The 15% Coupon is rare and only lasts a short time!

With just a click you can find your favorite genres of music and even narrow it down to your favorite artists or album. You can also find the genres of movies or TV shows you love and even find your favorite actors.

You notice that I call music, movies & TV shows, ENTERTAINMENT TITLES. When I purchase LP’s, CD’s and DVD’s I buy them for my personal entertainment and enjoyment. Entertainment in any form makes me happy. I can listen to a song or album and drift back to a happy or emotional time in my life. I can listen to a new artist and feel a burst of excitement about discovering something new. If I have my music and a great movie or TV show, I can tune out the negative things going on at the time. Hearing a favorite song or artist can almost put me in a trance. The same songs can even make a “bad singer or dancer” (like me) dance and sing. MUSIC MOVES US!

Music triggers pleasure, memories, emotions, and it can change your mood. Music has been my medicine throughout my life to make me feel happy. It also grounds me and provides clarity and calmness when my mind needs an escape. Hearing a favorite song or album can relieve stress and bring peace when needed.

There have been thousands of studies on the healing power of music, and I am person that loves reading them all. But for today’s “thought” I will leave you with a  couple of short videos If you are interested in finding out….


“WHY MUSIC MAKES US EMOTIONAL (and gives us the “feels”)”

The clock is ticking, so if you are looking for entertainment for yourself, or a gifts for your friends or family, now is the time to load up for less on all those music, movies or TV shows that may be on your “want list.”

Thanks for your support of my blog…tell your friends and don’t forget to enter to WIN a SUPER-DUPER DELUXE….8 LP EDITION of the new NOTORIOUS B.I.G. 25th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTORS SET!

JUST A THOUGHT…….June 1st is…

When you woke up this morning was your first thought, “what is special about today?”

Or are you one of those perky, positive, people that says “EVERY DAY IS SPECIAL TO ME”?

I happen to believe that “IF” everyone could wake-up and think that every day was special…and that they too were special… and EVERYONE WERE SPECIAL, we could all live in a safer and happier world.

Did you know that June 1 is “NATIONAL SAY SOMETHING NICE DAY”? Neither did I until I looked at a list that tells me why “this day, June 1, is special”. In fact, it tells me why there is something to be aware of, appreciate, observe, and to be grateful for, EVERY DAY!

Some of these special awareness days or topics are hilarious to me….BUT they can also be deeply meaningful to others.

Below is the link I use to find out what I should care about each day. This list will tell you what is recognized and observed by each day of the year. These lists tell us Nationally and sometimes Internationally…What we should eat…What we should do…What I we should wear…Where we should go…and how WE should FEEL ABOUT ANY GIVEN DAY.


I can map out my entire day just by checking this site. But first, finish reading my post, because you might get lost or trapped in the enormous list of what you should care about on every day of your life!

June Holidays & National Days | 2022 Calendar (

Today, on June 1, 2022, I discovered that it is:

National Running Day:

I do not see myself celebrating this, but millions of others will be out there running on this HOT June day. Since today is also“National Olive Day,” I will shake up a few martinis and give a toast to all the runners out there.

AND…today is also “National Nail Polish Day”

This is just a reminder that perhaps I should stop biting my nails. Whereas others may show up at their nail salon and ask for some extra-long “Cardi B nails.” They can paint them GREEN since Wednesday is “National Green Day.” Of course, I would wait until Saturday for “National Purple Day” (I prefer to call it “National Violet Day”)

Did you know that EVERY DAY is National or World “SOMETHING DAY” for multiple things?

I dare you to guess how many Appreciation or Awareness days there are in the month of JUNE..

I dare you because today (June 1) is “DARE DAY”

If you guessed there are 88 special recognition days in June you would be correct. If you guessed wrong, you could have been right if you made your guess on March 16th which is, EVERYTHING YOU DO IS RIGHT DAY

If there are only 11 Federal Holidays in an entire year, why are there 88 Special Observance Days in June alone?

BECAUSE…Everyone loves to feel special about something other than just the GLORIOUS day they were born.

Some days are recognized by the Government as legal holidays, some are made-up holidays such as “Festivus for the Rest of Us” (made famous in Seinfeld, season 9, episode 10)

We have special days that were created by industries or brands just to sell you things on their special “made up” appreciation days. I wonder if September 16 was a slow day for avocado sales or perhaps a big batch of avocados were going bad on this day when some brilliant mind created “National Guacamole Day?” Frankly, I could celebrate  “Guac-day” every day of the year.

Did you ever wonder who created these special days?

Was it the clerk behind the counter at 7-Eleven that suddenly said,“Today is July 7, 2002…7/11 and I declare this day to be National 7-eleven Day and we should give away FREE Slurpee’s”.

Now that we have discussed a few of the 88 things that were EXTRA-SPECIAL ABOUT TODAY…..This one STOOD OUT to me and looked like something that I should support and DO!


In January I featured a post on “New Year’s Resolutions.”

Everyone seems to care about their health, fitness, and weight EVERY January. January is “National Healthy Weight Month.” In January there are sales on all thing’s fitness and weight loss. Those sales are a BIG REMINDER that we just might be a little pudgy and could stand to take off a few pounds (or 50..or 100).

So many of us make a NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION to lose weight and get fit. And we keep it for 1 day, a week or even two weeks. You were a “Resolution Rock-Star” if you made it past January 14 this year, which was the official “QUITTERS DAY” of 2022.

We really try to lose the same weight (or more) every year. Someday we will lose those pounds, but important things always come up that de-rail us. Things like “National Popcorn Day” on January 19…“Pizza Day” on February 9…“Beer Day” on April 7…or “Hamburger Day” on May 28. If we only had the willpower and strength to make it to “NEVER GIVE UP DAY” on AUGUST 18th,

Well, why not start over on this lovely “NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION RECOMMITMENT DAY”

Today is a perfect day to re-commit since EVERY FITNESS WORKOUT DVD & EVERY PIECE OF FITNESS EQUIPMENT IS PRICED “JUST RIGHT” for you to conquer your weight loss goals and save some BIG BUCKS through the ENTIRE MONTH OF JUNE at Search results for All Products : “fitness” (

GET ALL THE STUFF YOU NEED TODAY (or tomorrow) but “DO IT” with the Deep Discount 10% off coupon and  while the prices are low! Get the coupon code here

Revisit my fitness post from January 2022. I listed several of the TOP Fitness products from Merrithew. They have something that everyone can use to start or recommit to a fitness or weight loss resolution.

SUMMER OFFICALLY BEGINS ON TUESDAY, JUNE 21,  and you CAN be in a different swimsuit size by….

“NEVER GIVE UP DAY” on August 18.

Since today is “SAY SOMETHING NICE DAY” I will tell you that “YOU CAN” make it past August 18 and you are “AWESOME” EVERYDAY and not just on the “INTERNATIONAL DAY of AWESOMENESS” on March 10.

JUST A THOUGHT……on farewell tours

Through the years I have attended several farewell tours for artists that were retiring and ending their live shows. Back in the day before the luxury of buying tickets from our phones or computers, we went to the box office of venues or record and department stores to buy our tickets.

We would line up and sometimes camp in parking lots until the box office opened.

When “FAREWELL TOURS” were announced, I would definitely get a ticket to the “last” show in my area. I would guard that ticket like gold until the night that I would see my “fave” artist perform live for the last time.

Then miraculously 1, 2 or 3 years later the artist that retired would return for another show. This happened a few times before I no longer believed in these farewell tours. Some of the artists and bands were in their 30’s when they announced their retirement. These announcements seemed to happen a lot in the Rock and Hip-Hop genres.

Can you imagine being able to retire in your 30’s?

Well neither could some of the retirees so they would come back for more FAME…..and fortune. I tend to believe it is the fame they missed most.

Some retirees were bold enough to say that they retired just for album and ticket sales. I suppose that is their way of dipping into their “retirement funds.” Some artists even said that their record label or manager told them to pull off this “Farewell Tour” hoax. A good portion of us will always fall into the “FAREWELL” trap, because we never know when the “story” might be true.



Motley Crue announced their retirement in 2014…

…but if you feel like rockin’ out you can purchase tickets now to see them this summer. You can also OWN their last “final” show that was recorded on December 31, 2015, in their hometown of Los Angeles, CA. This is a GREAT live recording!

See, hear, and relive this spectacular Motley Crue show on Blu-ray by clicking here.


Cher….If she really could really “Turn Back Time” she might be retired and enjoying a boyfriend (half her age) on an island in paradise.

In 2005 Cher went on a “FAREWELL TOUR” that lasted 326 days.

She earned 250 Million dollars which would be plenty for us “regular” folks to retire on, but Cher is far from regular. She returned in 2008 for 200 more residency shows in Las Vegas. This was the perfect place for the “REAL” Cher since the Las Vegas strip has had 100’s of Cher impersonators and Drag Queens performing as her for decades. Cher is now 75 years “young”, and she says she is returning to Vegas this year…We shall see!

In 1999 Cher recorded a live show at the MGM in Vegas. THIS IS A MUST HAVE FOR ALL CHER FANS….Pick it up on DVD here.


I was excited to see Nine Inch Nails in 2009 for their last show….and once again, I am excited to see them back in Los Angeles on 9/16/22.

…and once again, I am excited to see them back in Los Angeles on 9/16/22.

It is hard to choose a favorite album by Nine Inch Nails. Each album is an experience. Trent Reznor is a ‘musical genius.” I suggest using that discount offer coupon on and grabbing ANY & ALL titles by Nine Inch Nails. There are even a couple of live DVDs that you can enjoy

Use this link for a complete collection of NINE INCH NAILS titles.


I have seen Jay Z several times since he retired in 2003 at age 33.

And I will be there every time Jay Z rolls through my city.

I know that most hip-hop fans have all Jay Z titles in their collections, but some may not know about this gem….

JAY Z : Live…MTV Un-Plugged available here.

If you are missing any Jay Z title in your collection you can always find them here.


Too $hort retired in 1996 at age 30. Since his “retirement” he has released 11 more albums.

AND…he is currently on tour now and performing across the country. Too $hort is 55 and still going strong. His hit song says “Life is Too $hort” but apparently not for Todd Anthony Shaw the one we call “Too $hort”

I highly recommend one of my favorite Too short albums,  “Life is Too $hort”. Available here.

“The Mack of the Century: Too Short’s Great Hits” on CD is a must for “the ride”. Available here.


Elton John retired at age 50. When his fans went to his concert at Wembley Stadium in 1997…

…they did not know he would announce that “their” show would be his last. I suppose he sold a lot of programs and t-shirts that night since they would be instant collectors’ items. And they were collectors’ items for 2 years, until he returned to performing in 1999. I have personally seen Elton perform many times since his retirement. And I will be ecstatic to see him again in November 2022 at his “Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour”.

I first saw Elton John in 1970 and I have loved every show over these past 52 years. It will be sad to see Elton John go but I believe in my heart that at 75, Elton John deserves to retire and spend time with his family.

He will leave us with 31 studio albums…5 live albums…22 compilation albums…9 soundtracks…3 tribute albums…4 collaboration albums…and 2 holiday albums.

You can find his CD’s, LP’s, DVD’s,  Deluxe Editions, and Imports at

Also….Check back this month for a full feature on Elton John as I feature my favorite, ROCK LEGENDS!


Sir Paul McCartney is 79 years “young”. I will attend his concert at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California in May.

He has not announced that this is his last tour, but he does deserve a rest.

After all Sir Paul has given us 61 years of musical bliss since he first hit the stage with “The Beatles” in 1961. I will be there to see McCartney just in case he decides to make this his last tour.

You can find an impressive selection of Sir Paul’s music with “The Beatles,” his band “Wings” and his solo albums on CD, LP’s, and DVD’s here.

We never want our favorite artists to retire and go away but sometimes we “REALLY’ must let go and say….FAREWELL

Although it is sad, all artists and bands will retire someday. And when I say ALL, that means that even the youngest pop stars of today. Justin Bieber, BTS, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran, Olivia Rodrigo and even the next batch of pop stars will age and retire someday. They also may have 1, 2 or 3 FAREWELL TOURS so get those tickets (every time). But make sure you also have all their music on LP, CD and DVD. These formats have proven to be good and who knows if the new formats that are yet to come will be as good as the next batch of influencers tell you they are.

I am so happy I collected my musical heroes throughout my life. My collection of music and films were my saviors during the pandemic.

I may not have their live shows forever, but I will always have their catalog of music. I especially treasure my collection of Live concerts on DVD’s. I own them and no one can take the magic of those shows away from me. I can see and hear my favorite artists in their prime or in their later years…I can even see some of them “alive” again!

If you have favorite artists, bands, or genres of music, start collecting everything you can find…OWN THEIR MUSIC…the LIVE CONCERTS…and all their MUSIC VIDEOS.

OWN IT ALL because who knows when it may be gone (or gone in tangible form). INVEST IN YOUR MUSIC HEROES.

YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND IT & OWN IT by visiting my favorite place for a deep selection of music and films…

LAST THOUGHT….I am okay with not seeing shows because the artist decided they are just too old or tired to “rock” or “rap” just one more day…………..

But it will be quite all right if I am wheeled into a show at age 90 to see a 73-year-old Snoop Dog (drop it like it used to be hot), or a 72-year-old Eminem, or a 43-year-old Billie Eilish and more.

So now….I will bid you a fond FAREWELL…until tomorrow when I return to talk about some of my favorite “Rock Legends”

JUST A THOUGHT…about Betty White

On New Year’s Eve I woke up in a joyous mood. I had been writing a blog entry to be released on 1/17/22 in celebration of Betty White’s 100th birthday.

As I was writing I noticed a news alert that came through on my phone. That alert was shocking. It announced that Betty White had just died.

Although Betty was going to be 100 and we all knew that someday we would get this horrible news, it was still shocking.

Betty White never seemed old; she was often seen with young stars. Her jokes and timing were always on point and youthful.

I hope you were able to catch the rerun of Betty White hosting Saturday Night Live this past Saturday. It was a strong reminder of just how great and funny Betty White was. Frankly, it was one of my favorite S.N.L episodes of all-time.

I believe that most of us only saw Betty as that funny, witty, and charming lady that we have ALL grown up watching in several hit TV shows, game shows, commercials and in numerous amazing interviews. Since she was always working and visible we just never saw her as someone who would ever leave us.

In my eyes, betty White was forever young and forever HERE!

Today as I pick up where I left off on my Betty White story, I am not going to change it to a memorial for her. I will release it on her 100th birthday as planned to celebrate her amazing life. I heard that the documentary, “Betty White: 100 Years Young” will also be released to theatres as planned so I will be watching, and I hope you will too.

I am deeply saddened that Betty did not make it to her 100th birthday but today I read that her last word was “Allen.”

Allen was the love of her life and husband that left her far too soon in 1981 from cancer. In all these years since Allen’s passing Betty never remarried. She always said that she looked forward to being with him again someday. I am not sure what you believe but I am choosing to believe that she is happy and healthy again with her “forever-love”..…. Allen Ludden.


But we will continue to enjoy the outstanding performances that she brought to radio, television and film for eternity.


Check back on January 17th when I will celebrate Betty White’s 100th birthday and her 82 years of bringing us joy!

Just a Thought 12/29/2021

As I mentioned before, I relied heavily on to get through the madness of my holiday shopping. As I browsed through the music and movie genres, I spotted some items that I wanted for myself.

Well, I spotted a LOT of items that “I MUST HAVE” for myself.

Since most things are still on sale, I am going to get all of those “MUST HAVES” while I can still save a little dough.

Maybe you would like to follow my lead and get all the stuff that “YOU REALLY WANTED” for Christmas but did not receive. No one knows you better than you, so load up on all your favorite stuff…. guilty pleasures….and the stuff you just could not put on your list for your boo, kids, parents, or grandma.

Get the stuff you want, now through January 15 …..while it is still…ON SALE!

JUST A THOUGHT – Friday, 15 days before Christmas

That’s right, we only have 15 shopping days till Christmas

Notice…I said… “WE”

If you are a late shopper, I am right there with you…BUT, I am jumping on this task today. I am going through my list to see just how many people I can give MUSIC, MOVIES, or other entertainment related stuff to.

I refuse to go to malls… I refuse to sit in traffic… I refuse to blow a gallon of gas just finding a parking spot… I REFUSE!

I do not know about you, but I have a budget for this year, so I am looking for “DEALS.” I am trying to get all my loved ones a little something. So, I will go where I know the gifts are cool and where I can get more for less!

I know the people on my list that love music, movies, vinyl, books, games, electronics, toys, and collectibles.

I know who watched “Squid Games” and I know that has very cool items that my “Squid” friends would love.

I also know which friends are collecting vinyl. I am going to check out some gifts for them at And for my friend with the vintage turntable who loves that old classic, collectors type vinyl, I will get their gift at

It may be a little difficult browsing through the vinyl without buying for myself. These websites are like being in a candy store. Every time I visit these sites I find vinyl gems that I MUST have for MYSELF! But I will stick to my plan of shopping for others (even though I have been nice and never naughty).

My final thought of the day………..

Have a GREAT weekend and I will meet you back here on Monday. I have a lot to talk about next week as we approach that BIG DAY on December 25!


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