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This Friday we celebrate our Veterans


In my household, we love, respect, celebrate and honor our Veterans. Both my partner (Carla) and I had father’s that served in the military. Carla serves Veterans every day as a devoted and caring health care worker at the V.A. hospital.

When I have had the honor to meet some of the many Veterans that Carla has cared for, they have told me beautiful stories about their service, love of their country and their military brotherhood. We always stop to talk to Veterans when we see them and offer assistance when we can.

When a new military film is released we see it as soon as we can. Neither one of us enjoy violent movies but we do like understanding what these brave men and women have gone through while fighting for and protecting our freedom and our country.

Today while browsing the titles that are featured on for their site-wide sale I was drawn to the Military films. I prefer films that depict real stories and are often emotional. War and Military films are set in various times throughout history. The atmosphere may be different depending on the era, but the brotherhood of the soldiers remains the same through every branch of the military and through every war or conflict.

Once again, I THANK all veterans and those currently serving our country for your bravery and protection of our country. I also thank the families that that stand behind their loved ones and wait patiently for them to return from their duties and missions.


These films and a full selection of military films can be found on I have included links to my personal favorites that include full descriptions of the films as well as the trailers.

Saving Private Ryan / Winner of 5 Academy Awards

Buy it here

Thank You for Your Service / This a moving film starring Miles Teller.

Buy it here

Megan Leavey / Based on a true story of a female Marine corporal (Purple Heart recipient) and her bond with a military combat dog.

Buy it here

American Sniper / Award winning film starring Bradley Cooper

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Zero Dark Thirty / Academy Award Winner

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Lone Survivor / Award winning film starring Mark Wahlberg

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The Hurt Locker / Winner of 6 Academy Awards to include: Best Picture and Best Director

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Black Hawk Down / Winner of 2 Academy Awards

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Platoon / Academy Award Winner with an All-Star Cast

Buy it here

Dunkirk / Winner of 3 Academy Awards

Buy it here

Red Tails / Powerful story of the Tuskegee Airmen

Buy it here

Good Morning Vietnam / A lighter look including the comedic genius of Robin Williams.

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Here is a historical fact about Veterans Day and why it is tied to a specific time on November 11, each year.

The day of recognition was first called Armistice Day. On November 11, 1918, at 11:00 am a cease-fire or armistice took place in Europe during World War 1. President Woodrow Wilson said that the armistice anniversary deserved recognition and on June 4, 1928, congress passed a resolution to make it a legal holiday and it was in 27 states. In 1938 November 11 was made a legal holiday. After World War II the act was amended to honor veterans of that war as well as Korea. In 1954 the name was changed to Veterans Day.

Wishing all of our Veterans as well as those that are currently serving our country a beautiful…..11/11/2022


Congratulations to the lucky winners of our Notorious B.I.G. contest

~ Derek “D-Tragic” Duncan of California
~ DJ Yoshi of New Jersey

Both have won the 25th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition of the final studio album from Biggie Smalls, “Life After Death”

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In Celebration of Black Music Appreciation Month

On May 31, 2022, President Biden issued a proclamation to reestablish the annual month-long observance and celebration of Black music that was created by President Jimmy Carter in 1979.

The official name of this month has changed throughout the years from “Black Music Month” to “African American Music Appreciation Month” and by popular demand President Biden has brought the name back to what the music industry and the people responded best to…..

“Black Music Appreciation Month”

Black people in America have created or inspired many genres and sub-genres of music. Since 1979, we have celebrated all these genres in the month of June. Although there are talented Black artists in ALL genres of music, in June we celebrate R&B (rhythm and blues/soul music), Gospel, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Rap and Hip-Hop.

When I was the Black Music Buyer in the late eighties for Wherehouse Entertainment, my title changed a bit through the years as the music industry amended the name of the overall genre of music. In the 90’s my job title changed to “Urban Music Buyer”. There were many mixed reviews of this new “industry standard” name so some people continued to call it Black Music. Others were “only OK” with calling it Urban Music. The entire Black community never fully embraced this “Urban Music” moniker. I hated changing my business card to “Director of Urban Music.” There were several high-profile music conferences where “I forgot” my business card back at the office (wink-wink). I would shake hands, take photos, and hug people but I often just verbally gave out my contact info.

In June as Black Music Month emerged you would see and hear “Black Music Month” in independent music stores and radio stations that were within the Black communities. In some of the BIG chain music stores and cross-over radio stations you would hear the term “Urban Music Month.”

Just in case you are wondering what a cross-over station is?

“A cross-over radio station or program plays music or artists that appeal to diverse types of audiences or people. You could hear a mix of genres on these stations that appeal to all”

A few music chains continued to embrace the term “Black Music Month” if their customers requested or demanded them to keep it.

Of course, Wherehouse Music was known as “the place” where you could find an amazing selection of Black music, so I was not ready to just abandon the term so easily. Eventually we did change the store signing to Urban Music and then I occasionally “remembered” to bring my business card to conferences (LOL).

The term “Urban Music” had a good run until someone decided it was time to change the “umbrella genre” once again to “African American Music.”

So, in June 2016 President Obama officially proclaimed June as “African American Music Appreciation Month”.

In June 2021, President Biden proclaimed June as “Black Music Appreciation Month. Whether you embrace the term African American or Black American, I feel you will appreciate his proclamation of 2021 and 2022

Here is the “Black Music Appreciation Month” proclamation of 2021

A Proclamation on Black Music Appreciation Month, 2021 | The White House

And… Here is the “Black Music Appreciation Month” proclamation of 2022

A Proclamation on Black Music Appreciation Month, 2022 | The White House

During “Black Music Appreciation Month” artists and record labels release titles that you may have been waiting for all-year long. We often see special collectors’ packages released to commemorate B.M.A.M. You will see more artists out on tour and performing live shows in June and throughout the summer. June is usually the kick-off to ALL the HOT NEW TITLES that will dominate dancefloors, parties, family reunions, and radio through the summer.

Have I got a surprise for you!

If you are a vinyl junkie, collector, or hip-hop fan you are going to want to check back tomorrow for a contest in which you can WIN a SUPER DELUXE EDITION of the brand new 25th ANNIVERSARY NOTORIOUS B.I.G. “LIFE AFTER DEATH” on 8 LP’s.

Someone is going to be VERY HAPPY when they WIN and RECEIVE this gem!

June is LGBTQ Pride Month

Over the past couple of years “Pride Month” was celebrated online with virtual events due to the global pandemic. This year the celebrations return with the in-person fabulous festivities we are known for.

The celebrations resume with parades, festivals, parties, concerts, marches, music, movies and more!

Across America and the world, streets will be filled with millions of LGBTQ+ people and their allies that will join in peace and unity to celebrate their rich history and bright future.

Pride events bring awareness to the LGBTQ+ experience and community. The parades celebrate their accomplishments, growth, visibility, contributions to society, the creativity of the people and the freedom to be themselves.

We are everywhere and we will proudly show the world the beauty and importance of our people and culture throughout June.

Each year the celebrations seem to get BIGGER & BETTER. There was a time in which you could only find parades and festivals in major cities but now there are festivities and events in small cities and towns across the globe.

If you want to attend a Pride celebration near you, use this link for a calendar of events.

You can filter your search by country, state, or city.

If you can’t attend an in-person event, invite your friends, family, and LGBTQ allies to your home or to a park for your own celebration.

I always enjoy having a BBQ with good friends, great music, and classic LGBTQ+ films. If you are looking for a great selection of movies and music for your own PRIDE celebration…..Take a look at these MOVIES… Site-Wide-Summer-Sale LGBTQ Movies

And MUSIC titles… LGBTQ Pride Music Sale

I particularly love my new, “fab” rainbow lava lamp that I found here.

This brings me to “WHY” I love writing about many of the products found at In my past life as a music buyer for a large entertainment chain I understood our customers and I took pride in bringing in products that made them happy.

Before I started my blog I looked over the selection at Deep Discount and I was impressed by the DEEP SELECTION of product and titles they had to offer. They truly have EVERYTHING, including hard-to-find music and movie titles that collectors often look for. “DEEP DISCOUNT” offers a DEEP SELECTION along with DEEP DISCOUNTS for you. I am proud of the selection I can offer you in my blog.

Check back throughout the month to hear about some of my favorite LGBTQ+ titles and another one of my favorite things about in June…“African Music Appreciation Month”


I am not sure about you, but I LOVE October!

I will miss the summer but knowing that “pumpkin everything” is here makes me happy. I am not a huge fan of candy but just knowing that Halloween candy is not just for Halloween (October 31) anymore makes me smile. Yes, you heard me correctly, the dozens of candy commercials I am hearing say “It’s acceptable to eat Halloween candy all month long.” So, when your shopping cart at the grocery store is full of ten-pound bags of candy (for Halloween) you do not need to hide anymore by putting veggies on the top of your cart.

Did you know that October is also…PIZZA MONTH?

I heard a pizza commercial that said you can feel free to eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all month long. Just remember you must fit into your signature Halloween costume that you bust out EVERY YEAR!

October 25th is “WORLD PASTA DAY”…Thank you October for making this just 1 day. What is just one more day after the hundreds of Pandemic Pasta and ramen days. Its time to bid farewell to pasta for a while.

It is “PUMPKIN SPICED EVERYTHING” month…(However,I do not recommend the pumpkin spiced sardines or sushi).

Its “OKTOBERFEST” month….so drink lots of BEER…eat GIANT pretzels and bratwurst the size of your arm.

As I typed the word OKTOBERFEST, it made me wonder why they did not add just one more “E” to make it OK-TO-BEER-FEST Month.

Its “KIDS and ANIMALS in COSTUMES” Month…I know you want your dogs, cats, iguanas, pot-bellied pigs, and hamsters to be cute and festive, but I have a hunch they will hate it. And bringing your Dachshund (wiener) dog dressed like a BIG Bratwurst to the OK-TO-BEER-FEST, is played-out. SO, DON’T DO IT!

It’s “BREAST CANCER AWARENESS” month. This is the month to bring out all your “PINK” clothing and gear.

You will see a lot of educational and fund-raising campaigns in October to bring awareness and support of the leading cancer among women. Breast cancer does not need to be a death sentence for women any longer if detected early so wear your pink as a reminder get mammograms and exams. Pink also honors survivors and is a remembrance of those we lost to the disease. Here are a few ways to participate in Breast Cancer Awareness month.

  • Wear your pink…clothing, hats, ribbons, nail polish. Encourage your friends to “GO PINK” in October.
  • Volunteer…Find a local or national organization that is raising awareness and see how you can help them out in October.
  • Help a Cancer Patient…Help with delivering meals, giving rides, doing their shopping, running errands, just visiting them will help brighten their day.
  • Join one of the 5k or 10k fundraisers…you can walk of run and we all could use some exercise these days after being trapped over these last 19 months of the pandemic.
  • Educate yourself and others about cancer screenings.
  • Donate to help fund cancer research.

As always, I will support Breast Cancer Awareness in any way I can, and I hope you will do the same!


While typing this today I came to the harsh realization that I have been enjoying the “October Month” foods and drinks a little too much over the last 19 months of the pandemic. I better cool it on the October stuff to prepare for the joys (foods) of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I will start slowing down now to prepare for January and my annual “New Year’s Resolution WEEK” (or as I say WEAK).

I will tell you all month long about some things that pair well with all the October foods and the beer.

  • HORROR FILMS….and scary stuff!
  • ROCKTOBER is for ROCK MUSIC…so it’s OK to dust off the old air guitar and get back together with your old bands like the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Queen, The Who, Nirvana, Guns N’ Roses, Fleetwood Mac, Foo Fighters, Pink, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, Kiss, Journey, Motley Crue, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Clash, The Ramones, Green Day, U2, The Beatles, AC/DC, The Eagles, Van Halen, Soundgarden, The E Street Band (and Bruce of course), The Blackhearts (and that rock Goddess, Joan Jett), The Heartbreakers (and Tom Petty R.I.P.) David Bowie (R.I.P.) , Prince (R.I.P.), Grateful Dead (R.I.P. Jerry Garcia)…and more.

You all get the “VioletBrownToldMe” theme of October. We are going to ROCK-OUT and watch a lot of HORROR MOVIES. Feel free to enjoy your candy, pizza, and BEER too. And instead of venturing out to some over-priced Oktoberfest, remember it is OK-TO-BEER-FEST safely at home where you can have an extra beer or two.

Proudly Celebrating Pride

Are you LGBTQ or an ally for someone you love?

If I watched every episode of POSE & loved it, could I be GAY?

If I read this BLOG, should I get a RAINBOW T-shirt?

Should I change my pro-noun?

So many questions, what’s a HE, SHE, HIM, HER, THEM, THEY, TO DO…and which one fits me? If YOU read my PRIDE features, you will not become gay but you just might find a film or TV series that will make you laugh, cry or more understanding of that beautiful, popular, unique, creative, talented, fun, life-of-the-party, happy, LOUD and “ALWAYS FABULOUS” person that lives next door…works next to you…drives you…provides medical care…cooks or delivers your food, etc, etc, etc!


It’s NEVER to late to be PROUD!

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In June we celebrate Black Music Month

On June 7, 1979 President Jimmy Carter decreed June to be an annual month-long celebration of Black Music in America. In 2009, President Barack Obama changed the name to African American Music Appreciation Month…By popular demand President Biden has reinstated the celebration and observance to its original name of  “Black Music Month”

Blacks in America have created or inspired many genres and sub-genres of music. Since 1979, we have celebrated all these genres in the month of June. Although there are talented black artists in ALL genres of music, in June we celebrate R&B (rhythm and blues/soul music), Gospel, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Rap and Hip-Hop.

You may have read about my long history in the music industry. I made it clear where I found the best times and the joy of my life. My biggest thrill and most memorable time in music was working in one of America’s most distinguished, important and beloved stores. This store (Big Ben’s and later Wherehouse Music) served the most diverse black community in Los Angeles. Although the store was part of a huge chain we served our neighborhood and community as if we were a stand-alone specialty store. Everyone within the community relied on our store to bring them EVERYTHING that was “Black Music”. Due to the popularity of our store,

it was not long until busses began to show up with tourists.

They wanted to get the music they could not find in most stores. They knew that a trip to our store could mean finding a hot new artist or a hard-to-find piece of music that they just, had to have.

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May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

In May we celebrate and recognize our Asian American and Pacific Islanders. Their tremendous influence, accomplishments and contributions to the United States is felt throughout our own history. There are over 23 million Asian Americans and 1.4 million Pacific Islanders that enrich our lives daily. They have made tremendous contributions to medicine, science and the arts. Since I write about the arts through movies, music and TV, I will feature some of my favorite Asian and Asian American films throughout May. This month you will see and hear a lot about the 50 ethnic groups that make up this diverse and beautiful group of people.

I invite you to come back to my page throughout May to hear more about my favorite Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander films. helps sponsor this blog. They are celebrating this event with a month long sale on Asian films and TV. You can shop that sale here!