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The Summer Blockbuster that changed the way we look at the ocean forever. Is there a film, that shocked or scared you so badly that you will never forget it? I honestly had to look to see how most sites categorize Steven Spielberg’s, Jaws. Some list it as an Adventure film, some call it a […]


The OG  “Top Gun….Tom Cruise” soars back into theaters in “Top Gun Maverick” on May 27, 2022. Will this sequel live up to the original Blockbuster of 1986…..TOP GUN? Have you ever wondered, what makes a film a BLOCKBUSTER? “A film that is a cultural phenomenon… a fast-paced exciting source of entertainment…films that audiences interact […]

Summer Brings the HEAT…

and Summer brings the BLOCKBUSTERS. As a kid, I could not wait to get out of school and head to the beach, the parks or off to play with my friends. Another thing that I loved to do was to go to my local theatre to see the NEW movies that they were calling “Blockbusters”. […]