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The 63rd Grammy Awards Celebrate 50 Years of Hip Hop

Before we get into this week’s post, I want to thank all of my new subscribers who came in from Welcome to the Violet Brown Told Me Blog! And to all of my previous subscribers, thank you for always being here!

Hip Hop will celebrate its 50th birthday on April 11, 2023. Throughout 2023 there are many events planned to celebrate the first 50 years. I started preparing for the festivities a little early. In 2022 I created a series of features titled “Hip Hop Hooray.” The series features facts and personal stories of working in the entertainment industry during the rise and evolution of hip hop. Below I am including links to my “Hip Hop Hooray” series. I am so fortunate to be alive and to continue to work in entertainment and music. It is a true honor to have been present and a part of the most formative years of this global phenomenon we call HIP HOP.

Hip Hop has been as important to the history of music as the birth of Rock & Roll.

Both genres of music originated in America, and both continue to evolve into new styles and sub-genres of the original music. The rapid popularity of rock and rap came from young rebellious fans. Both genres were seen as a threat to the establishment and especially to parents. Parents feared this music because it literally took over the hearts and minds of their children. Some parents and older folks called it “disturbing…just noise…devil music…shocking…or a fad that would not last.”

Rock and rap music has withstood the test of time and continues to evolve and gain popularity each year. And despite what was once said…IT IS HERE TO STAY!

Rock and rap music is usually loud, bold, and provocative. It can also be socially conscious, political, and a way to promote the awareness of racial, cultural, and economic issues. The music has greatly influenced the culture of every country and their people.

Today we have rock and hip hop artists creating music together. They often share the same stage at massive music festivals. Most importantly they are sharing the same fans and audiences. The music has been a source of unity by bringing their fans together. Currently hip-hop artists are even collaborating and touring with country artists. Times have changed and…I LOVE IT!

We feel and see the impact of hip hop everywhere

The influence of hip hop has changed the course of music by bringing new styles in music, poetry, art, dance, technology, film, fashion, media, entertainment, and more.

Last year Hip Hop made its way to the Super Bowl with one of the most anticipated and SPECTACULAR half-time shows. On Sunday, February 5, 2023, Hip Hop stunned the world again at the 63rd annual Grammy Awards with a tremendous tribute to the first 50 years of the genre.

I have personal connections to the majority of performers who participated in the Grammy’s joyous celebration of hip hop. In my series “Hip Hop Hooray” I share personal stories with many of these performers, pioneers, visionaries, legends, and “ICONS” of hip hop. If you are a fan of the music I hope you will use the links below to read the first 3 parts of my ongoing series on the history of hip hop. I hope you will enjoy reading and viewing personal stories and photos that I have taken over the “golden and platinum” era of hip hop. Since I am still active in the industry I will continue to include stories and photos with new artists too.

Since this post is really about the joy I felt watching the some of my friends and favorite artists on stage at the Grammys, I want to tell you about a historical hip hop release that includes most of the performers with their BIGGEST…most BELOVED songs.

Last year the prestigious Smithsonian Folkways label released an anthology featuring 129 of the most important songs of the first 45 years of the genre.

This 9-disc set tells the story of hip hop through these powerful and enormously popular songs. Smithsonian’s Anthology of Hip Hop and Rap explores the foundation and the evolution of Hip Hop. It also includes a 300-page coffee-table book filled with essays and rare, never-before-seen photos that span the formative years of hip hop. This is a MUST-HAVE for all fans of the music and it’s culture.

Here is a fun fact about my personal connection to this release:
I am one of the music insiders who was invited to have a voice in the selection of the songs that would be included on this definitive anthology of hip-hop and rap.

The final songs that were chosen for this ground-breaking and historical release were compiled by a committee of well-respected rappers, scholars, writers, aficionado’s, music critics and industry leaders. The committee was led by rappers Chuck D of Public Enemy and MC Lyte, Jeff Chang, and Mark Anthony Neil (writers and scholars), Bill Adler and Bill Stephney (early Def Jam Executives), Questlove (Co-founder of The Roots, author, film maker and band leader of The Tonight Show) and 9th Wonder (rap artist and educator).

I was asked to submit 100 songs that I felt were worthy of being on this important piece of hip-hop history. I was quite pleased when I saw that many of my selections were loved by the whole group…they made the cut and are on SMITHSONIAN’S ANTHOLOGY of HIP-HOP and RAP.

You can add the “Smithsonian Anthology of Hip Hop and Rap” to your own collection by clicking here…If you have a special hip hop fan in your life, this makes an AMAZING GIFT!


HOP HOORAY (Part I)….How it all started



And….for more information about the Smithsonian Anthology of hip hop, follow the link below to a previous feature about this collectors dream:

GREATEST HITS – Violet Brown Told Me

Make sure you stop by often to check out new ‘HIP HOP HOORAY” features….coming soon.

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During the pandemic I was bored and looking for things to do so I thought I would re-visit some of the fun things from my childhood. As a child I had a cousin that I had summer sleepovers with. She loved puzzles and we would stay up all night working on them together. When the summer ended, and it was time to go back to school I was still thinking about puzzles.

When the pandemic hit, I remembered how much fun we had and decided to get some puzzles. I went to one of the big chain stores to see their selection of puzzles. Since I was not there for toilet paper, food, hand sanitizer or other pandemic necessities I knew they would certainly have puzzles. I expected to be the only one in the puzzle aisle. So, I searched the aisles for puzzles. I could not find puzzles which I thought was odd, so I asked an employee where I could find them. He said, “if we have any left they will be on aisle O-2.” As I wandered down the aisle I did not see any puzzles, but I did notice a shelf that was completely EMPTY. I read the signs to see what once lived on these empty shelves. Sign after sign had the name and bar-code of a different puzzle.

Apparently puzzles were also a pandemic necessity.

But I was not going home without a puzzle….I WAS ON A MISSION!

I drove to another big store that I knew would have puzzles. And once again…the shelves were bare.

What was going on with puzzles? A puzzle shortage was puzzling to me.

When I got home I decided I would look on my favorite site to see if they had any puzzles. So, I opened and low and behold they had an AMAZING selection of puzzles. I found puzzles for my favorite rock bands, movies, TV shows, artists, pets, comics, super heroes and more….I even found some Ravensburger puzzles which some of my friends regard as “puzzles for the serious collectors.” I found easy puzzles and hard puzzles. There were puzzles that went from 200 to 3,000 pieces and MORE.

I purchased a Beatles, Warhol and a Seinfeld puzzle which kept me entertained for a while. Then I returned for more puzzles…harder ones…I AM NOW OBSESSED WITH PUZZLES.

This past December I went to a holiday party with old friends that I had not seen in a couple of years. We started talking about things we were doing during the pandemic. As we went around the room I heard several cool things that my friends were doing so I was a little nervous to “come out” as a PUZZLE FANATIC. When it was my turn I said that I enjoyed working on puzzles. When I said this nearly everyone in the room confessed to “LOVING PUZZLES.” We then spent an hour or more talking about puzzles. One friend who I always considered to be the “super cool” guy in the room, busted out his phone to show me an entire photo album of all the puzzles he has completed. And everyone gathered around to see his prize puzzles. He also said that he is a serious puzzler that loves “Ravensburger” puzzles.

I am no longer a closet puzzle lover. I proudly tell everyone that “I LOVE PUZZLES” and I proudly tell everyone to go to the deep puzzle shop on to find a GREAT selection of puzzles.

If so check out this link for a great selection of classic album covers puzzles

And…being a HUGE music fan I had to have this 1,000 pc. puzzle of back-stage passes. You too, can get it here


Pick up one or more of the holiday puzzles for next year. This will be a great way to keep your friends and family happy and busy at your holiday gatherings (while you are cooking and sipping the spiked eggnog)


When the puzzle box says “5+ Years” it does NOT mean it takes 5+ years to complete….LOL

2023…What’s it going to be?

Did you make your “Annual New Year’s Resolution”…AGAIN?

Are you one of the millions of people who are facing your annual “lose weight” and “get fit” resolution…AGAIN?

Will you be tossing out all the “junk food, sweets and the decadent leftovers” from the holidays? Or will you eat it all before you start your resolution…AGAIN?

Will you be buying new workout clothes because the old ones are too tight…AGAIN?

Are you really prepared to face going back to the gym and paying that monthly membership fee…AGAIN?

Keep reading and I will give you some easy tips on how you can tackle your resolution and tailor a plan that works for your body and your wallet…so forget the monthly gym membership and get all the fitness tools you need at while they are on sale!

I know a little something about all the questions I just presented to you. Along with working in music, I have also spent the last 13 years managing a Fitness Pro and her fitness business. Along with that, I also managed a large gym for 8 years.

Every year I would see the gym fill up through January and become less crowded every month until May.

That was about the time we would get another big burst of business from those seeking a “beach bod” for the summer.

When gyms were forced to close during the pandemic that left millions of us scrambling to find new ways to stay or get fit without the luxury of our gyms. Last year I wrote about my decision to use my home and the great outdoors for my own workouts. I knew that had a huge selection of great workout equipment and DVDs but I did not know how great they were until I used them myself.

I found compact fitness equipment that I could easily transport and use anywhere. I discovered a company called Merrithew that had everything I needed to provide an excellent workout at home or at the park near my house. Their equipment gave me the freedom to workout anytime and anywhere. And their DVD selection provided an excellent variety of new workout options that kept me engaged. I tried new types of workouts that eliminated the boredom of doing the same thing every day.

I found resistance bands, flex bands, an awesome stability ball, strength tubing, yoga accessories, mats and more. I could no longer use the excuse of not being able to find what I needed to workout. and Merrithew had EVERYTHING I needed

I especially love the “Merrithew Soft Kettlebell Plus 2 pack. There are numerous ways to utilize this effective piece of equipment. You can view the short video above on how to safely use these kettlebells. Personally, I love these! Click here for more information or to purchase the Merrithew Soft Kettlebell Plus 2 Pack.

I even found something for fitness that my Granddaughter has loved throughout the year.

I picked up the “Merrithew Play and Exercise Kit for Kids” and she loves it. This is a MUST HAVE for any kids that may be spending a little too much time on their tablets, computer, phones, or video games. Yes, my granddaughter has all this expensive stuff but it’s the inexpensive “Play and Exercise Kit” that pulls her away from her screen-time.

Check out the short video above or click here for more information or to purchase the “Merrithew Play and Excercise Kit for Kids”.

After I purchased my Merrithew fitness equipment in 2022, I decided to look for some great fitness DVDs that I could use at home. I found excellent choices for myself, and for those who may be starting their fitness journey for the first time, and even some for those who like to “GO HARD” in their workouts. There were DVDs for any type of exercise I could think of. There was something for every need, interest or body part that needed some extra attention.

DVDs were available for all the new and popular workouts too. I found the “Total Barre Foundation Workout,” the “Drum Workout,” and a “Floor-Work Fluid Body Workout.” If you love moving to great music there is a Brazilian Workout called “Dance to Be Fit: Carnival Workout” …a “Bollywood Party Workout” … “Country Dance Workout” and more.

For an amazing old school workout, you cannot go wrong with the “Jane Fonda Workout” DVDs. Check out the Jane Fonda Workout Box Set Collection and all her workout DVDs here.

For those who love Yoga and need a great stretch there are plenty of DVDs and all the yoga accessories for you too.

Last year I picked up the “Exercise Can Beat Arthritis” DVD for a good friend of mine and she loved it so much that I have now purchased one for myself. Click here for more information or to purchase the “Exercise Can Beat Arthritis” DVD.

For myself, I knew I needed to start somewhere, so I bought the “Plus Size Workout: Cardo & Weight Training” which provided a great start to my own journey. Get your own copy of “Plus Size Workout: Cardo & Weight Training” on DVD here.

Since is still offering their holiday sale pricing through 1/15/23, I am ready to choose my next workout DVD to motivate me through 2023. I will let you all know shortly which one I chose and how it is going.

There are exercise and workout DVDs for everyone and every need. Take a look at their massive selection workout DVDs here.

Now that I have told you a lot about what I did in 2022 and what I will be doing in this glorious NEW YEAR that is upon us…


It is never too late to make or start a resolution…even if it is a February, March, April, or May resolution…Just make a commitment to yourself to do something positive towards your health in 2023…..and DO IT!

Everything I mentioned in this feature can be used in the safety and privacy of your own home. You can quietly start a new meal plan, use your new fitness equipment and DVDs, and surprise your friends with a NEW YOU by the summer. It’s all up to you and your start date.

Every meal plan or workout program will work for you if YOU decide to put in the work and follow your plan. DON’T GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!

Get your head in the game, pick a plan, get your equipment, GET SERIOUS, and GET MOVIN!

Use the provided Links to create your own workout space and you will be on your way to a better you in 2023!

Just A Thought…About Christmas

Its only 8 days till Christmas

Every year I say that I am going to be finished with my shopping by December 1st and every year I find myself feeling agitated around December 15th because I am NOT finished.

I know I am NOT alone. In fact, statistics say that only 24% of Americans finish their holiday shopping by December 1st. Who are these perfect people? To me they are like unicorns, I do not know many people that can honestly say “I am completely done” shopping for the BIG gift frenzy that is happening in just 15 DAYS…..SUCH PRESSURE!

What’s holding me back ….What’s holding US back?

Now this puts us in the other 75% of the people that are procrastinators. But, we have our reasons…and our excuses.

Here are my reasons and excuses, do any of these sound familiar to YOU?

“I don’t have much money”

“I don’t like crowded malls”

“The traffic and parking is hideous around the holidays”

“I don’t know what they will want, I want it to be something they like”

“I don’t have time before the stores close”

“I will need to get dressed…leave my house and get gas in the car”

OMG….do I need to keep finding more excuses?

Here is a thought……..

  • Since you are already on your computer or phone you could easily click the link below and have the solution for all of your excuses.
  • If you don’t have much money…EVERYTHING is on sale, and you have the link to savings below. And the great news is….there is an abundance…and a WHOLE LOT OF GIFTS under $10 & $20.
  • Your computer and phone are open for business 24/7. Every day, every hour, every holiday you can shop from the comfort of your home (or job, but don’t get caught). Rather than tossing and turning in the middle of the night, USE THE LINK and FINISH YOUR SHOPPING.
  • Are you currently in a crowd? I think not, so just click the link and shop without all those other late shoppers.

You do NOT need to have a lot of money…or fight traffic…or look for parking…get gas or even GET DRESSED to finish your holiday shopping. (that’s right, you can shop in your PJ’s or even naked)

I refuse to be part of the 75% of Americans that may be roaming the aisles of stores for hours, just to get frustrated because I did not find the perfect gifts.

If you know the type (genre) of music and movies your friends like, you can find them a gift they will “LOVE” and “WITHIN YOUR BUDGET” at

If you don’t know your friends favorite music and movies just look at their social media sites for clues and ideas. Most people list or post about their favorite things. It’s pretty easy to figure out what genre of music or movies your friends would like.

And when in doubt you can always get them something you LOVE (and think they may LOVE too). If they don’t LOVE it, perhaps they will accidently re-gift it to you next year.

Here is the link again that will solve all your shopping issues and needs. But I suggest shopping as soon as possible so the elves at can ship your “perfect” gift to your loved ones by Christmas (Just choose “2-Day Shipping” by 12/21/22 – 9:00 AM CT.)

“And if you wait a little longer no worries, your friends probably already know you are on “TEAM 75%” of America’s procrastinators”

Have an AMAZING, HAPPY HOLIDAY and you have my permission to send those “perfect gifts” YOU have always wanted to YOURSELF too….WHY NOT…..ITS ON SALE and YOU DESERVE IT!

SUGGESTION…you may want to add as a favorite on your computer for next year when perhaps you may be…or let’s be real…when you WILL be late AGAIN!

I think we can fix your Christmas spirit.

“Oh, Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a frame of mind… and that’s what’s been changing. That’s why I’m glad I’m here, maybe I can do something about it.”

kris kringle (miracle on 34th street – 1947)

Are you a person who says “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays”, or “Bah Humbug”?

I was a “Bah Humbug” gal until I saw that everything is on sale at

Their sale prices have sparked my “Gift Giving” spirit!

Although it may be hard to believe there are people who like to enjoy and celebrate Christmas all year long. Many of these people move to towns that also celebrate Christmas every day of the year.

It’s always Christmas in Santa Claus, Indiana

In case you would like to visit these places (or stay far away from them), these unusual and unique cities are, Solvang California, Santa Claus Indiana, Pigeon Forge Tennessee, Frankenmuth Michigan, Christmas Florida, Rovaniemi Finland, Christmas Valley Oregon, North Pole New York, West Jefferson North Carolina, and of course the OG home of Santa at the North Pole in Alaska.

If you are one of the millions of people that LOVE Christmas or “the holidays” you will be excited to read about all the holiday movies that are now available…and best of all “NOW ON SALE”

This will be the first year since the pandemic that we are hosting the Christmas feast and festivities at our house. We will share joy, feast, exchange gifts and hug all of those that we missed the last couple of years.

There are some that I did not miss so I am psyching myself up now for the “HAPPY HOLIDAY FAMILY REUNION.”

It is time to break out the holiday recipes, the decorations and to dust off the “good plates.” I am typically not a good cook, but I am a fantastic holiday chef. It is the only real meal that I have cooked for nearly 45 years. I can throw-down on holiday meals but if you drop by my house any other day of the year be prepared for takeout…or to bring your own food…or to simply starve.

If you are also having family and friends over for the holidays you will want to keep them occupied so that their weird conversations, politics or their “good advice” does not surface. The best way to keep your guests occupied is to have some great holiday films, music, festive snacks, holiday drinks and especially spiked eggnog.

So, if you need some suggestions or reminders about the entertainment that will keep your guests joyous and happy while they are at your holiday gathering,

I have put together a list of some of my favorite holiday movies.

It is my hope that you thoroughly enjoy your holidays and your loved ones. But if you are apprehensive about your gathering, just remember that it is only one or a few times a year. Keep your guests full of festive foods and drinks and keep them focused on some great holiday films. It’s hard to be grumpy while watching some heart-warming or funny holiday movies.

If you are having guests of all ages from “loud kids” to grandparents you may want to set up a couple of rooms with TV’s. If you are like me you may not have all the food ready so you might need a little “alone time” in the kitchen. The best way to keep your guests occupied and happy is to get them engaged in some holiday films. Look at the run-times on the films and you will know how long you have to put the final touches on your feast. And how long you have to enjoy that secret holiday beverage you may have stashed away in the kitchen.

If you are having some older guests over you may want to set them up with a classic film. Some of these films are the traditional ones that most people know and love.

Here are a few recommendations for your older guests but if you have not seen these films in a while they might bring out the holiday spirit in you too!

“It’s a Wonderful Life”

Many call this the most popular Christmas film of all-time. The American Film Institute ranks it as #11 on their list of the 100 Greatest American Films of All Time. carries a great selection of everything you could want for “It’s A Wonderful Life” just click here

“Miracle on 34th Street” (1947)

This highly popular and traditional holiday film was released just six months after “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Apparently people were still in the mood for another heart-warming and feel-good Christmas classic because this one is also an award-winning film. This film is preserved in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as a “culturally and historical” film.

In 1994 a modern version of the 1947 film was released. Mara Wilson of “Mrs. Doubtfire” fame took on the role of Susan Walker who was originally portrayed by Natalie Wood in the 1947 version.

I enjoyed both versions of this classic Christmas movie.

Pick up the 70th Anniversary edition of this classic 1947 film with this link.
Or get the 1994 remake with this link. Both will make a great gifts too.

Did you know there is a “King of Christmas” …other than Santa Claus?

Back in the day there was a guy named Bing Crosby. He was known as a crooner, which means he could really belt out a song. He could do it all, from soft and smooth to boldly and powerfully delivering a great vocal performance.

Many ladies (now grandmothers or great grandmothers) found him to be the heart throb of their generation. Bing became one of the best-known artists to release Christmas music. This is how he became known as the “KING OF CHRISTMAS.”

Back then fans called it Christmas music, and this did not seem to bother or offend anyone. Today, whether you call it Christmas or holiday music you know you will hear it starting around Halloween and all the way through December. I prefer hearing it the day after Thanksgiving.

Bing Crosby was also an actor that became the “face” of Christmas. Bing was the first star of multimedia, with success in radio, record sales and motion pictures. Bing recorded over 1600 songs, and he starred or appeared in more than 70 films. He was one of the most popular artists in the world between 1930 to 1954. His Christmas music and films have become Holiday Classics.

Here are the most popular Bing Crosby Holiday films

  • “Going My Way” is a feel-good film that won 7 academy awards to include the Best Picture Award in 1945 Available on DVD here
  • “Bells of St. Mary’s” for this one you may want to break out the tissues. Bing Crosby and the Academy Award winning actor Ingrid Bergman star in this sequel to “Going My Way.” Available on DVD here
  • “Holiday Inn” starring Bing and Fred Astaire. This film inspired the name for the popular “Holiday Inn” hotels. It is also the film that established the song “White Christmas” as an iconic Christmas classic. Available on DVD here
  • “White Christmas” is one of the most popular Christmas songs of all-time so of course it needed its own movie. If you have not seen this film in a long time or EVER, you may want to see this one and own it. Available on DVD here

And now for some slightly newer Holiday favorites that just might be a hit for your gatherings or those cozy nights at home.

Even if your guests have seen these films before they are all worthy of seeing again…and again. They are also worth adding to your own collections for this holiday and for years to come. It is my hope that you will enjoy these films enough to make them a tradition for your holiday festivities.

During the holidays I enjoy movies from all genres, the iconic classics, romantic comedies, dramas, family films, kid movies and even the occasional holiday horror film. No matter what your favorite genre may be, you can always find a great holiday film to entertain you..

I will provide a list of some of the most popular Hanukkah movies too so keep reading or skip down to that section of my recommendations.

Here are the films that set my mood and spirit for the holidays.

“A Christmas Story” (1983)

Since the release, this has been a personal favorite. My Godson first saw this movie at age 6 and now at 14, we are still watching this movie every year. He also recites iconic lines from the movie, year-round. Those leg lamps you see in stores around the holidays were popularized in this film. The movie has some strong language, however the “F word” is replaced with “fudge.” There is also some bullying in the film. Kids learn that licking a frozen pole is not a good decision even if you were “triple dog dared.”

“A Christmas Story” has become a Christmas cult classic. We view it many times throughout the holidays in my home.

Available on 4K Ultra HD here

Available on DVD here

“Home Alone” (1990)

Although this was not Macaulay Culkin’s first time in front of the camera it was where most of us discovered this brilliant child actor. He was just 10 when he portrayed an 8-year-old who was mistakenly left home alone while his family took off to Paris for the holidays. While alone he had to contend with and protect himself and his home from burglars.

John Hughes wrote this popular comedy. He was one of the most celebrated screenwriters of the 80’s and 90’s. This film is good for all ages.

Available on 4K Ultra HD here

Available on Blu-ray here

Available on DVD here

“Home Alone 2” (1992)

What are the odds our star of “Home Alone” could be left alone again?

Young Macaulay was box office gold in 1990 so why not bring him back with a new dilemma to contend with. Only this time we find him lost and alone in New York. This was the second film in the Home Alone franchise. Due to the success of the original Home Alone this one opened at #1 and with over 31 million dollars in its first week. If you need to entertain guests a little longer while you finish your cooking, this pairs well with the first “Home Alone.”

Available on Blu-ray here

Available on DVD here

You can get Home Alone and Home Alone 2 together on DVD here

There were two additional movies released in this franchise, “Home Alone 3 in 1997 and “Home Alone: Taking Back the House” in 2002. If you need to resort to these two films for more cooking time, it is time to order a pizza and pour more festive drinks.

“ELF” (2003)

If you need a laugh, this film will bring many. For comedy, you cannot go wrong when it comes to movies starring Will Ferrell. Will plays a human who was raised by elves as a “big human elf.” He decides he wants to leave the North Pole to find his biological father in New York. However, his father does not know about his son and the gigantic elf that is headed to find him. Elf is a heart-felt comedy and one that everyone could enjoy.

Available as an Ultimate Edition Gift Set with Bonus DVD and CD here

Available on 4k Ultra HD here

Available on Blu-ray here

Available on DVD here

Fun Fact: Will Ferrell was offered 29 million to star in the sequel of Elf. After reviewing the script, he turned it down and went on to film many more hit films. Will Ferrell is ranked at No. 79 with over $2,547,244,884 in box office sales.

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” (1965)

This was a Christmas TV special based on the iconic comic strip created by the famed cartoonist, Charles M. Schultz. He is highly celebrated and regarded as the most influential cartoonist of all-time.

When my sons watched this repeatedly in the 70’s and 80’s I enjoyed it too. It never felt like Christmas until we watched this together.

Available on 4k Ultra HD here

Available on Blu-ray here

Available on DVD here

“The Holiday” (2006)

I love a great romantic comedy and I love them even more around the holidays. This film is a little longer than most holiday movies, but I wanted even more. It stars Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Cameron Diaz. We have seen these actors in other romantic roles but together they are magic in “The Holiday.” These two ladies are feeling discouraged about men, so they swap homes in their home countries. While vacationing each one of them ends up meeting men that they decide to let into their lives. Both men played by Jude Law and Jack Black are so loveable in these roles. Since moving last year I am not sure where this film is at, so I am buying it again today. I LOVE THIS FILM!

Available on Blu-ray here

Available on DVD here

“Last Holiday” (2006)

Don’t trust the “critics” on this one. It’s a feel good movie about an inspiring character. Just the way she interacts with other characters (even minor ones) is enough to make you want to watch this movie every year!

If you are in the mood for another great holiday rom com, this one is perfect. It stars Queen Latifah and LL Cool J. I do not want to give away the plot on this one, but it is charming, witty and has a lot of heart. I LOVED IT

Available on Blu-ray here

Available on DVD here

“Love Actually” (2003)

This is not just a favorite at Christmas, this is one of my favorite movies year-round. “Love Actually” was brilliantly written and directed by Richard Curtis. The ensemble cast is packed with star power. It is a “who’s, who” of British Superstars as well as some of our best American actors. I cannot think of another film where you will find, Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Keira Knightley, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Alan Rickman, Rowan Atkinson, Laura Linney and more all in the same cast. The film is set in London during five weeks prior to Christmas. We are introduced to ten couples that all have diverse types of love stories. As the story unfolds we learn how these couples all are linked in some way. The film and soundtrack are spectacular. This is a soundtrack that you can enjoy in its entirety. After watching the film one time you will want to see it again, and again. I highly suggest that you add “Love Actually” to your collection of great films.

Available on Blu-ray here

Available on DVD here

You can get the Soundtrack on LP Vinyl here

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” (1993)

This is one of Tim Burtons most popular and beloved films. As a master of gothic fantasy and horror films, this American writer, director, and producer adds his own unique signature style and look to his films. The Nightmare Before Christmas was conceived from a poem written by Burton. This dark fantasy is an animated musical featuring the music and voice of Danny Elfman of the legendary 1980’s new wave band Oingo Boingo.

This is a great film throughout the year but at Christmas it is a tradition and a classic in my home.

Available on Blu-ray here

Available on DVD here

“Bad Santa” (2003)

This is a dark comedy and not recommended for children. For a room full of adult guests this will have them laughing out loud. It’s one of my favorite films starring Billy Bob Thornton. This was also the late John Ritter’s last live-action film before his sudden death in 2003.

Bad Santa is the story of Willie T. Soke (Billie Bob Thornton and his dwarf sidekick and assistant (Tony Cox). They are thieves that become department store employees during the holidays as a Santa and his elf. They take this job every year just to rob stores within the malls at closing time. Willie is a sex addict and alcoholic that certainly should not be around children. This Santa is vulgar and “WRONG” in every way. But somehow we like him. If you want some great belly-laughs “Bad Santa” is for you.

Available on Blu-ray here

Available on DVD here

“National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” (1989)

This was the third film in National Lampoon’s Vacation film series and it is my favorite of the three. It was written by the late great author and filmmaker, John Hughes. He wrote, produced, and directed some of the most iconic and successful comedy films of the 80’s and 90’s. This film has some of my favorite performances from the star Chevy Chase. The entire Griswold family is hilarious in this comedy. If you have guests from out of town you may want to play this at your holiday gathering. Be prepared to LOL!

Available on Blu-ray here

Available on DVD here

And here’s my last recommendation to get you through a long holiday weekend with your guests…

“Last Christmas” (2019)

This was one of the last holiday films I saw in the theatre before the pandemic. This is an American-British romantic comedy. I loved the previews and could not wait to see it.

It is a story that was co-written by one of the stars of the film, Emma Thompson. Last Christmas is based on the enormously popular hit song, “Last Christmas” by Wham. The film was inspired by the music of the late pop, superstar George Michael so the film and soundtrack is loaded with great Wham and George Michael music. The end of the movie features a brand-new George Michael song he recorded just prior to his death. “This is How We Want You To Get High” was previously unreleased.

The romantic chemistry between the stars of “Last Christmas” was HOT and believable

Last Christmas stars Emilia Clarke who is best known for “Game of Thrones” and the handsome star of “Crazy Rich Asians,” Henry Golding.

If you love a great rom com…. LAST CHRISTMAS is for you!

Available on Blu-ray here

Available on DVD here

Here are a few suggestions for kids

Hanukkah Suggestions

This should be enough fix your holiday spirit!

You can always find an EXCELLENT selection of all holiday films, music, and merch at with this link

I hope my suggestions are a hit at your holiday gatherings…. keep the snacks coming and the glasses full as you enjoy some of my favorite films.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody

I feel like an anxious kid waiting for Santa as I impatiently wait for the Whitney Houston film “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” to hit theatres on December 22, 2022.

Whitney Houston was known as the “greatest singer of her generation.” She was also known as ‘THE VOICE.”

Whitney Houston was one of the greatest vocalist of all-time. She was a popular actress and also a huge box office draw for theatres.

Even though Whitney Houston left us on February 11, 2012. She is still beloved worldwide and ranks as one of the best performers, and best-selling female artists of all time.

Throughout her career from 1985-2012 Whitney received many awards and accolades to include 2 Emmy Awards, 6 Grammy Awards, 16 Billboard Music Awards, 8 Soul Train Music Awards, 14 World Music Awards, 22 American Music Awards and 28 entries in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Whitney Houston has also been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, the Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I had the opportunity to be around Whitney on a few occasions.

My first encounter with Whitney was when she dropped by a record store that I managed in Los Angeles CA. Her first album was just released, and Clive Davis suggested that she should meet some of the key players in radio and retail. This brought her to my store where she sat on our counter and watched as customers bought her album as it played over the sound system in my store.

Whitney Houston’s self titled debut album available on CD here or LP here

This was not an official in-store autograph signing event, so customers were not aware that she would be in the store. They had no idea that Whitney was watching as they purchased her debut album. Whitney Houston was humble, sweet, and had a wholesome look and persona. At the time, she had no idea that she was about to become a musical icon and one of the GREATEST OF ALL-TIME!

On another occasion in 1995, I was invited to a private listening party for the “Waiting to Exhale” soundtrack. It was a star-studded event. I will never forget how the atmosphere in the room changed as Tupac entered with Faith Evans who was also featured on the album. This was the last time I had the opportunity to speak to Tupac. Just ten months later on September 7, 1996, Tupac was shot in Las Vegas and succumbed to his wounds six days later.

When Whitney walked into the party with Clive Davis, I watched as the other celebrities became star-struck fans that clamored to speak to her. The film and soundtrack for “Waiting to Exhale” were both phenomenally successful. You can get the film and view the movie trailer here …Waiting to Exhale available at

Here are a couple of my most treasured photos with Whitney.

When the biographical musical film on the life of Whitney Houston is released on December 22, there will be another surge in the sales of Whitney’s music and films. This is why I chose to write about Whitney now. Her music and films will make excellent gifts for the holidays. Now through the end of the year all of Whitney’s music and films are currently on sale and well stocked here: Everything Whitney Houston at DeepDiscount,com

These are a few of my favorite things…


This holiday season there is something new for everyone. After sifting through the new holiday titles here is my list of some of the most entertaining and highly anticipated new titles. Here are a few that will bring your holiday get-togethers and parties to life. Whether you are sitting around a cozy fire sipping a warm holiday beverage or decorating your tree, these albums will put you in the spirit of the season.

Alicia Keys “Santa Baby” (2022)

I can’t seem to get enough of Alicia’s first-ever holiday album. This album contains one of my favorite Alicia songs of all time “Not Even The King” which is a “year-round” masterpiece. Buy it here.

Check out my full feature on this album here: Today one of my long overdue Christmas wishes has been answered… – Violet Brown Told Me

Dolly Parton “A Holly Dolly Christmas” (2022)

This is one of the best new holiday albums of the season. Dolly is joined by an impressive list of guest performers, to include Michael Bublé, Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, Jimmy Fallon, Willie Nelson, and her late brother, Randy. This album is another example of why everyone loves Dolly Parton. Buy it here.

Neil Diamond “A Neil Diamond Christmas” (2022)

A Neil Diamond Christmas is a newly remastered set specially curated by Neil from his 4 best-selling Christmas albums. These recordings feature Neil originals and inventive arrangements of traditional songs, spotlighting his trademark sound in a holiday setting. Buy it here.

Matteo, Andrea, and Virginia Bocelli “A Family Christmas” (2022)

This is the first Bocelli family holiday album that features Andrea and his 24-year-old son Matteo and his 10-year-old daughter Virginia. This is a beautiful Christmas album was recorded at their home as they sat by their fireplace. Buy it here.

Backstreet Boys “A Very Backstreet Christmas” (2022)

After 30 years, the Backstreet Boys have released their first-ever holiday album. This is a must have for all “Backstreet” fans. Buy it here.

Joss Stone “Merry Christmas, Love” (2022)

This is the first holiday album from GRAMMY Award-winner Joss Stone. I fell in love with the vocals of this soulful singer from her debut album “The Soul Sessions” in 2003. She has always wanted to release a Christmas album and this one was worth the wait…I LOVE IT! Buy it on Vinyl here.

Jim Brickman “A Very Merry Christmas” (2022)

I love the piano and Jim Brickman never fails to give an amazing performance. This album is the perfect mix of classic and nostalgic sounds of the season. Buy it here.

Kristin Chenoweth “Happiness Is…Christmas!” (2021)

Emmy and Tony Award-winning singer/actress, Kristin Chenoweth, brings us her first holiday album. The album shows Kristin in a festive but classy light as she rings in the best and her favorite time of the year. Buy it here.

Idina Menzel “Christmas: A Season of Love” (2019)

Tony Award-winner Idina Menzel has released an album of traditional and brand-new songs. Christmas: A Season Of Love features guests including Ariana Grande, Billy Porter, and Frozen costar Josh Gad. This new album is sure to bring friends and family together throughout the holiday season. Buy it here.

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This Friday we celebrate our Veterans


In my household, we love, respect, celebrate and honor our Veterans. Both my partner (Carla) and I had father’s that served in the military. Carla serves Veterans every day as a devoted and caring health care worker at the V.A. hospital.

When I have had the honor to meet some of the many Veterans that Carla has cared for, they have told me beautiful stories about their service, love of their country and their military brotherhood. We always stop to talk to Veterans when we see them and offer assistance when we can.

When a new military film is released we see it as soon as we can. Neither one of us enjoy violent movies but we do like understanding what these brave men and women have gone through while fighting for and protecting our freedom and our country.

Today while browsing the titles that are featured on for their site-wide sale I was drawn to the Military films. I prefer films that depict real stories and are often emotional. War and Military films are set in various times throughout history. The atmosphere may be different depending on the era, but the brotherhood of the soldiers remains the same through every branch of the military and through every war or conflict.

Once again, I THANK all veterans and those currently serving our country for your bravery and protection of our country. I also thank the families that that stand behind their loved ones and wait patiently for them to return from their duties and missions.


These films and a full selection of military films can be found on I have included links to my personal favorites that include full descriptions of the films as well as the trailers.

Saving Private Ryan / Winner of 5 Academy Awards

Buy it here

Thank You for Your Service / This a moving film starring Miles Teller.

Buy it here

Megan Leavey / Based on a true story of a female Marine corporal (Purple Heart recipient) and her bond with a military combat dog.

Buy it here

American Sniper / Award winning film starring Bradley Cooper

Buy it here

Zero Dark Thirty / Academy Award Winner

Buy it here

Lone Survivor / Award winning film starring Mark Wahlberg

Buy it here

The Hurt Locker / Winner of 6 Academy Awards to include: Best Picture and Best Director

Buy it here

Black Hawk Down / Winner of 2 Academy Awards

Buy it here

Platoon / Academy Award Winner with an All-Star Cast

Buy it here

Dunkirk / Winner of 3 Academy Awards

Buy it here

Red Tails / Powerful story of the Tuskegee Airmen

Buy it here

Good Morning Vietnam / A lighter look including the comedic genius of Robin Williams.

Buy it here

Here is a historical fact about Veterans Day and why it is tied to a specific time on November 11, each year.

The day of recognition was first called Armistice Day. On November 11, 1918, at 11:00 am a cease-fire or armistice took place in Europe during World War 1. President Woodrow Wilson said that the armistice anniversary deserved recognition and on June 4, 1928, congress passed a resolution to make it a legal holiday and it was in 27 states. In 1938 November 11 was made a legal holiday. After World War II the act was amended to honor veterans of that war as well as Korea. In 1954 the name was changed to Veterans Day.

Wishing all of our Veterans as well as those that are currently serving our country a beautiful…..11/11/2022

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